March 8, 2017

Basic Information about studying in Cebu

Why do people come to Cebu City to study English?

Hello friends, this is Hayrettln. I am a Turkish student in 3D Academy. In my last post I explained about the reason behind my decision of coming to the Philippines to study English (Yes mainly because you don’t need to worry about Visa getting rejected here). In this post, I will explain in greater details about Cebu City.

Why did I choose to study in Cebu?

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, However, the living cost there is expensive, the roads are crowded, the air is very polluted and it’s easy to encounter other Turkish people. Cebu in comparison is a much better choice because it is the second largest city in the Philippines, not so busy but it is also the leading trade and education center in the Visayas region. I have never encountered any Turkish in Cebu for 10 weeks and therefore I never had the chance to speak Turkish. I think that this is the right decision since I want to improve my English.


The road traffic in Cebu is not so crowded


The Air quality in Cebu is bearable


University of the Philippines in Cebu

Everyone in Cebu can speak English. That’s not all. Cebu natives are very helpful, approachable and friendly. Although sometimes you will encounter beggars and children following you and ask for money. All you need to do is to put your hands in your pockets, take out and show that you have no money with you. They will leave you alone. Although there are not many famous and valuable historical buildings in Cebu as compared to Istanbul, you can find a lot of interesting buildings such as churches and small-scale museums.


Local church in the Philippines


And the fruit in Cebu is FANTASTIC. I can not tell you how delicious some of the fruits are, and that is the first time I heard of such fruits!


Here’s a photo of the Pineapples. It’s very delicious.

There are a lot of tropical fruits here. Of course not all the tropical fruits are tasty for a Turkish, if you do not intend to come here to taste those fruits, fill your suitcase with all the canned food as much as you like. I tried halal labelled canned food in Cebu but I did not like it.

Climate in Cebu

There are only 2 seasons in Cebu – dry summer and rainy summer. The temperature never goes below 25 degree celcius here in Cebu. So yes, if you want to escape the cold winter in Turkey, this is the perfect place for you.

Money and Living expenses in Cebu

1 Turkish Lira is approximately equivalent to 15 Philippines Pesos. The prices of goods in the shopping malls here are generally cheaper compared to the price of similar goods in Turkey. Food is slightly cheaper and the air travel expenses to neighbouring countries are also very reasonable. It takes only slightly more than 3 hours and around USD 200 to travel to Singapore. You can see many different and famous buildings in Singapore and other nearby countries. Prepare yourself for the cultural shock in all these neighbouring countries because they are so different from each others.


A good meal in Cebu will cost less than USD 10

Transport in Cebu

Over here, you can take either Taxi or Jeepney as your daily transport. Either of them is very cheap. Taxi ride costs only 1/5 the price of taxi rides in Istanbul. There’s no bus here, jeepney is the equivalent. It’s super cheap (only 8 pesos per ride, or 0.6 Lira) and comfortable enough.

Hygiene in Cebu

There are clean and dirty neighbourhoods here. But the way it’s dirty is different from some streets in Istanbul. In Istanbul, most of the garbage were just thrown by the tourist or locals for convenience. But in the Philippines, I think the locals just relax and do not care about the hygiene.


The floor of restaurant in Cebu are clean enough


The road in Cebu. You don’t really see a lot of Garbage honestly

Travel and Tourism in Cebu

Over here you have many chance to visit different islands while you develop your English skill. My no. 1 recommendation is the island of Malapascua. I have experienced Malapascua Island for 3 days 2 nights. You can find many tropical fish in the beach here and the cost of travel is very cheap. Beside island hopping you can also visit numerous beaches around Cebu. Moalboal is one of the most famous places in the Pescoda Islands diving spot. Bohol is famous for its chocolate mountains and the tarsier. Tarsier is a kind of endangered monkey with super tiny size, about the size of your palms. All it takes is a ferry ride to see all these wonderful natural creations. There are many other natural wonders you can visit and sports you can do here, such as diving with whalesharks in Oslob, experiencing swimming in the lake under the waterfall flowing in Kawasan Waterfalls, or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches and chit-chatting with travellers from around the world. You can have delicious seafood dinner here with very cheap price. It is certainly worth spending around 4 hours of flight time from Turkey to visit this beautiful city of Cebu.

I think you can see now that my decision to come to the Cebu, Philippines to study english is because it is cheap, english speaking, visa-free and safe to travel. Next up, I will explain why did I choose 3D Academy.

Thank you for reading.


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