October 22, 2017

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Saints’ Day

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Today I want to tell about All Saints’ Day which will take place on November 1 every year.allsouls

All Saints’ Day is a special day when parents celebrate and remember death of the children. This is a memorial day for all the babies to small children who died young. It’s really sad to see a blossoming life die prematurely. Hence, this day is called All Saints’ Day, because all the children are innocent and holy. No sins had been made yet and that makes them all saints. Make sense?


Filipinos celebrate All Saints’ Day on November 1 as well. During this day, there are a lot of Filipinos who work far from their families would go home to celebrate and honor the memory of the days of their beloved children and relatives. Many days leading to the All Saints’ Day, Filipinos would go to the cemeteries to clean up the graveyards of their love ones. They would clear the grasses and rubbish around the graveyards. Some built a wall, polished names, put tiles on a floor and assign a ceiling of their “houses” to the dead. They decorate the surrounding of the graveyards during these special days.

Most of the ceremonies of paying respect to their loved ones take about two hours. Some even spend the whole night there. Yes, spending the night in the cemeteries is part of the traditions for the All Saints’ Day! It’s All Saints’ Days and All Souls are there. There is no holiday without food and games. They would eat, sing with a karaoke and even dance on the cemeteries.


The entire prayer normally lasts 9 days – which is called the Novena Prayer according to the Catholic tradition. 8 days of Novena Prayer would take place in the house, and the last day spent in the cemetery as the last prayer that concludes the Novena Prayer. This prayer is a tribute to the dead, wishing them peace and wishing for the God to rescue their souls. The priest would give a mass cemetery during these special days.

For tourists and others who do not celebrate All Saints Day, of course this is not something to celebrate about. Traffic jams on streets and crowded everywhere. But let’s think positively, for some  people it is a sacred holiday. It is a tradition that pays tributes to our loved ones, a reunion day for the families, a celebration of eternal love through life and death. During this sacred day, I wish we all come to appreciate our loved ones and be more understanding of everyone surrounding us.

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