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> [NEW] 3D Semi-SPARTA Course
[NEW] 3D Semi-SPARTA English Course

Semi-SPARTA English Course (4 ESL 1:1 classes +3 ESL group classes + 1 optional class + 2 mandatory self-study night classes + daily morning English test)

Preparing for exams? Rushing to get the most out of your English learning journey? In need of a system to help with your self-control or self-discipline to study English? 3D Semi-SPARTA course is here to help. Semi-SPARTA course is specially designed for students who want to improve English in the shortest time. It features at least 4 classes of 1:1 (man-to-man/private tuition) class every day, daily English tests and daily mandatory self-study.
Semi-SPARTA students will be wearing a special ID  and only available for students staying in the premium building.
Semi-SPARTA English Course Fee
Price (USD $)
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 24 weeks
Premium Single $546 $1,048 $1,506 $1,746 $3,492 $5,238 $6,984 $10,476
Premium Double $498 $956 $1,374 $1,593 $3,186 $4,779 $6,372 $9,558
Premium Quadruple $398 $764 $1,098 $1,273 $2,546 $3,819 $5,092 $7,638



*Enrollment Fee: USD$100 
*Pick up Fee (one way from airport to school ): USD$30 
*The price is inclusive of: Tuition Fee, Accommodation, 3 meals/day (Including weekends), laundry, room cleaning service, access to gym and free WIFI. 
*The school reserves the right to adjust the price where it deemed fit


Level Test

On the first day of the school, all students need to take an Entrance exam to determine their levels. After that, all students will be classified into 6 levels as followings:




Can only recognize a few English words.

High Beginner

Can use English to introduce themselves and have a basic conversation.


Can use English for basic conversation well.


Can use English for basic conversation and understand the other party’s meanings.


Can use English for normal conversation and understand the other party’s meanings in a short time.


Can use English for normal conversation well and understand the other party’s meanings as well as expressing their own opinions without any problem.


Semi-SPARTA Course – Sample Timetable


Sample Timetable *50 mins/class


Sample Schedule


07:00 ~ 07:45


07:45 ~ 08:00

English Test

08:00 ~ 08:50

Class 1

1:1 ESL

09:00 ~ 09:50

Class 2

ESL Group Class

10:00 ~ 10:50

Class 3

1:1 ESL

11:00 ~ 10:50

Class 4

Optional Class / Free Time

12:00 ~ 13:00


13:00 ~ 13:50

Class 5

1:1 ESL

14:00 ~ 14:50

Class 6

ESL Group

15:00 ~ 15:50

Class 7

1:1 ESL

16:00 ~ 16:50

Class 8

ESL Group

17:00 ~ 17:50

Class 9

Gym / Free Time

18:00 ~ 19:00


19:00 ~ 21:00

Free Time

21:00 ~ 23:00

Class 10 + Class 11

Mandatory Self-study


Curriculum:You can arrange you group classes with your request!!
Subject Target Skill Title
Practical 1:1 class S.R.W.L 1:1 class
1:5 Group Class

1:6 Native Class

1:8 TOEIC Class

1:8 IELTS Class

1:8 TOEFL Class
Conversational skills for social issues and travel. Communication English practice
Job interview skills, business presentation skills. Business English practice
Practical reading and comprehension skills with news, social media blogs, magazines. Multimedia understanding
Practical English usage. Formal and informal English practice
Accent reduction, pronunciation, delivery, fluency. Speech practice
Speaking Memorizing useful phrases, actual class demonstration. English demo
Dialogue mocking, memorizing phrases, practice on blending sounds. Movie understanding practice
Practicing mock TOEIC /IELTS/TOEFL Reading/Listening And also Speaking and Writing section TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL
High frequency American English expressions, focused listening, mocking (mini-dialogs). Native communication (Native speaker class)
Optional Classes Casual Discussion Casual Discussion
Review class with teacher Self discipline



*Enrollment Fee: USD$100
*Pick up Fee (one way from airport to school ): USD$30
*The price is inclusive of: Tuition Fee, Accommodation, 3 meals/day (Including weekends), laundry, room cleaning service, access to gym and free WIFI.
*The school reserves the right to adjust the price where it deemed fit


Other fees

When students arrive to Cebu, they need to pay some miscellaneous fees as stipulated by the government. The fees include Special Study Permit (SSP), maintenance fees, visa extension etc. Some fees are compulsory, some are not. Please check with the student manager upon arrival on the specific miscellaneous fees that are applicable to you.

Miscellaneous Fees in Cebu
Registration Fee USD $100
Pick-up Fee (one way from airport to school) USD $30
Visa Extension Those students who stay for more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below.
SSP (Special Study Permit) PHP 6500 (6 months validity)
ACR I-Card (Compulsory for students staying over 59days) PHP 3,000
Textbooks (Approximately. depends on the book) PHP 1000 / 4 weeks
Electric fee (depends on the usage) PHP 1000 ~ 1500 / 4 weeks
Maintenance fee (onetime payment on the first day) PHP 150 * week(s)
Deposit (Refundable. to use to pay the textbooks and Electric fees) 1 ~ 19 weeks → PHP 2500 
20 ~ 47 weeks → PHP 5000
Additional Classes (Optional) 1:1 ESL class = 2500 peso / week
ESL Group Class = 1500 pesо / week
Airport Tax (Pay at the airport) PHP 850


VISA extension:
Those students who stay more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below (Inclusive of 300pesos handling fee)
1st:3,440pesos valid for 59days*counting from the arrival(8weeks)
2nd:4,710pesos valid for 89days*counting from the arrival (12weeks)
3rd:3,240pesos valid for 119days*counting from the arrival(16weeks)
4th:3,240pesos valid for 149days*counting from the arrival(20weeks)
5th:3,240pesos valid for 179days*counting from the arrival(24weeks)
※after 1st extension, 2nd and 3rd extensions onward can be done at one time.


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