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▼Group Class

Group Class (Native Class) Class Conductor: Isaac


My name is Isaac, and I teach a native communication class with the focus on English, culture, and pronunciation in the USA. I am originally from Eugene, Oregon which is famous for hippies and Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. Like many people from Eugene, I love to explore nature, to open my mind to new ideas, and to engage in multi-cultural settings. This is why English as a second language has become my passion and career.

When I was a teacher in Korea, I learned to incorporate engaging and interesting materials in each class. When you are interested in the ideas of the class, learning becomes much easier. When I was a teacher in Thailand, I found that learning is also much easier when it is a discovery of information. Now, my students are always busy finding their own ideas to add to each discussion. In this way, we not only practice English, but we also share our cultures, ideas, and personal experiences. I think that I am only the facilitator for native English communication. My students are the real teachers to each other. So, welcome to our class! I am excited to

Group class (Movie Understanding) Class Conductor:Rowena


I graduated in 2003. I’m flexible person and discharge my tasks the best of my ability. I like to listen to everyone’s story and I give my sentiments when I’m asked. Music knows me well and it’s my sole companion every time I want to hide from the world.
I have preference for listening because it’s as challenging as speaking for me as it’s necessary to impart your ideas to the listener.

English is an International Language. It is essential and vital in this modern world. We use English for travel, business, meeting new friends, expressing your opinions and most of all to survive in this competitive world. Imagine how hard it is not to express yourself because you can not speak the language. Trust me, English is very interesting.


Group class (English Demo) Class Conductor:Rylene


I am Rylene A. Villaflor, graduated from one of the most reputable Universities here in Cebu which was formerly known as Cebu State College and now Cebu Normal University. I took up Bachelor of Arts Degree and major in English. I passed the Teaching License Examination at the year 2000. I believe that one of the best turning points of my life was working in this Academy 10 years and I believe I’ll stay here for much longer than that. Before working in this Academy I had already gotten some teaching experiences from  private and public school as a High School Teacher. I also worked for some of the biggest telecommunication company way back from 1997 to 2001, such as Canon, Casio, etc.

I value people’s qualities and contribution. I am a fair person. I am friendly yet cautious, young at heart but trapped in an old body, love humor yet cannot stand the filthy mouthed comedians out there. I am down to earth and I’m keen to learn new things especially edgy techie stuff. And I like to take initiative to improve the quality of the class. I believe my experience speaks for my competency.

Last but not least, I am someone you can rely upon sharing your stories. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts and ideas to everybody. I feel satisfied whenever my students open up their mind, it means they trust me. And It is my mission and vision to lift my learners up not just in English Speaking but also their self-esteem. I am so proud as a Teacher for more than a decade. And I feel a sense of achievement when the students told me that you are the teacher I am looking for, or when the students remembered you not only as a teacher but as a life-long friend.

Group Class(Multimedia Understanding) Class Conductor::Ronald


Hi! I’m Ronald, I’m patient in a way that I can handle all levels of learners particularly beginner students. I’m very much interested on how students gain confidence and satisfaction in speaking the language. I’m honest to students when it comes to their progress. I may be strict but I only want to see that my students have learned what they ought to learn. I only have 3 goals for my students in learning the language. SPEAK, LEARN and USE. Students have to do their best to speak. Expressing their thoughts is one way of determining how far they have learned in using the language.

English language is considered the International language. 60% of the world’s population is speaking in English. You can communicate well if you know how to speak the language. It will help you to gain friends not just locally but internationally. Speaking English is a tremendous asset for your professional career. It is very useful for traveling and meeting people. Learning English is like getting yourself closer to the world, fulfilling your dreams and preparing yourself in this competitive world. Learning to speak English is the best thing you can do to improve your life.

Group Class(English for tourism) Class Conductor::Jessica


A pleasant day to you . My name is jessica T. Lagahit . I have well -brought up in the Queen city of the south -Cebu City, Philippines. I’m a kind of person who is flexible ,optimistic , determined ,goal-oriented and has a very simple lifestyle. I had work as an ESL Teacher for 5 years from other academy and have been working here in 3D English Institute Inc. for two years and three months . my designation is to teach English speakers various curricula like English for Tourism ,English Demo as well as speech practice.



▼1:1 Class


1:1 Class Conductor:Jim


My name is Jimmy Bonusan. I’m passionate about teaching English to my students. I’ve been teaching English for many years. I credit that my encounter with my students leads me to teach them confidently with a heart. I guarantee to help you enhance your English skills. I’m a friendly person knowing that many people like and love me, can be trusted in many different ways. A good adviser and a listener. See you in my class. Let’s study and have fun while learning.

“If you believe in yourself, everything is possible”


1:1 Class Conductor:Cleo


Hi!, I’m Cleo! If you think English is difficult and boring, well, you’ll change your perception once you meet me and have class with me. I’ve been teaching English for more than a year and I’ve learned that “a good teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires” I’ve laways been looking forward to teach more and inspire more and more students.Be one of them.

“Stay calm and speak English”


1:1 Class Conductor:Glenda


Hi! I’m Glenda Lyn. Glenda for short :) I’m not just a teacher, I can be an adviser, conforter, a friend rolled into one. I’m focused on vocabulary and idioms and rest assured that my class is not boring. We can laugh together while having our class. You are my first priority so if you want to improve more, you can count on me and I’ll be there.
“Train your mind to see the good in everything”


1:1 Class Conductor:Jel


I’m Jeline C. Gilles and in ESL industry, everybody call me “Jel”. Becoming a teacher is really a great job for me because I can teach others and can learn from them as well.
I can say that I’m into this field because I can easily adapt to different attitudes and character of students, adjust to their level and methods of learning, and I’m willing to accept different personalities and keep students in my class the best as I can.
I incorporate more ways to encourage my students to learn English. I want to build fluency as much as possible because I do believe that the better they speak, the more confidence thry will gain, and this cycle will continue as on and on.
I believe that “We are not born to be invisible”. Each individual has something to show off in the world even in learning and speaking the universal language, English.

1:1 Class Conductor:Char


My name is Charlene Y. Gonzales, 22 years old. I have completed my bachelor degree from Cebu Normal University in Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education. I personally believe I am optimistic, because I would like to work for my personal and career growth. I am mature, candid and have integrity in life. Everyday I work to improve myself and my teaching skills which is part of my job and becoming better at what I do. I like teaching, is my passion in life.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

1:1 Class Conductor:MJ


I’m a 2014 graduate of Cebu Technological University-Main Campus . My major is Special Education and Home Economics and Livelihood Education .In addition ,I am currently having my Masters in Special Education to uplift my career. My mother gave birth to me on the 1st day of February in the year 1992.

 I used to be an adviser of kinder Two at St.  Augustine International School for a year. Then , I shifted as an online and offline teacher in English schools in Cebu. Now , I’m a full time offline ESL teacher at 3D Universal Academy . I have been teaching here for three years .

People might wonder why I chose to be an English teacher to foreigners instead of dealing with children with special needs . Well , I have two reasons why I’m rendering my service here. First ,I want to teach English to foreigners who do not know how to use it. In that  way , I can give them a hand to improve their English Skills. Lastly, I would like to interculturally  communicate with diverse nationalities.

If you  have worries in improving your English Skills and you want to learn it in a fun way , 3D  Universal Academy can help you with it. A thought to ponder ,”Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” . See you in our school guys!


1:1 Class Conductor:Che


I’m Cheryl Gomez Gimenez. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for 4 years. Teaching ESL helps me to grow as a person and build more confidence to communicate with foreigners. It makes me feel at ease and able to meet people with diverse culture differences. Listening, Reading and Speaking are the areas that I thoroughly enjoy teaching. English is the international language of business and technology. There are more people who speak English as a second language than people who speak English as a first Language. Our world has become very global and we need to communicate with one another. The popular American culture brings influence to a lot of people. For instance, we can’t understand English movies and songs if we don’t know any English vocabulary and expression. Hence, It’s important to know a language that most people on earth know in common.


1:1 Class Conductor:Sheryl


Hello! My name is Sherly. I have been teaching English language for months. I love to teach my students. We always have fun while learning. I don’t just teah them to learn but also to love the lenguage and learning process. I always assure that my students can learn more skills in English language and make their world bigger by using it.
If you are in my class, I can also assure that you will learn and apply what you have learned everywhere.

“Be smarter than your notebook and apply what you’ve learned today”


1:1 Class Conductor:Mari


Hello! My name is Mari. I have been teaching English for years. I love English as my students loved it. At first, most of my students thought that learning English was quite difficult and boring. I proved them wrong! As time goes by they found out that learning English is fantastic.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same way, find that way”


1:1 Class Conductor:Jovy


Hello everyone! My name is Jovy. I have been teaching English for quite a long time so I have met different kind of students. Generally they say that they can’t speak English, but I told them to add “yet” to the sentence. So, let’s explore together and have fun learning English!! See you! :)

“To have another language is to process a second soul”


1:1 Class Conductor:Crystal


Hello! My name is Crystal. English is fun and an interesting subject. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with you. I’m friendly, approachable and kind. If you’re hesitant to study English, just give it a shot! You will have fun and you will learn more. So come and join me in an amazing an fun-filled English learning process!

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started”


1:1 Class Conductor:Chelle


Hi there! This is teacher Chelle at your service. I am friendly, funny and energetic.
My dear student, I encourage you to learn English with me because we all need this language as we go along our journey. Let’s unlock the door of English language and face some unknown vocabulary.
Come and join me in this world of fun! I promise that you will enjoy learning English with me. See you in my class! :)


1:1 Class Conductor:Ish


Hello my dear students! I’m teacher Ish. I really love teaching and I also love English so much so you should join my class! :) I am not a terror teacher so don’t be afraid of me. We will laugh together during our classes but I will make sure you will learn.

ENGLISH is FUN and LEARNING is FUN! Remember that always! :)


1:1 Class Conductor:Karen


I am Karen Pepito, you can call me “Rhein”. I took up my Bachelor Degree in CebuTechnological University, in 2008. I started my teaching career in 2010 as an ESL Teacher, teaching for summer camp in MTM Language Institute and continued teaching ESL in 3D until today. I prefer to teach reading and Speaking to students because I can ask provoking questions to test their comprehension skills that help them to speak. Studying English is sometimes not for pleasure but for survival. Yet if you put your heart into it, you might be surprised at how amazingly intricate, challenging yet enjoyable English can be. English will help you ….
When you further your studies.
When you look for a job.
When you want to travel.
When you want to watch foreign TV programs.

You can enjoy many advantages if you study English. A good command of the language will enable you to go further in society where you need the availability to communicate precisely and in a way that reflects well on your ability because English is a universal language, it is only prudent that one study the language.


1:1 Class Conductor:Rose


I’m Filrose Mejorada. I have passion in teaching foreign students who can’t speak English that is why after I finished my college, I applied in ESL School immediately and I was hired as an ESL Teacher and now this is my 4th year. Teaching English as a second language helps me to brush up my English communication skills too because while I’m teaching, I am also learning. I am flexible, patient, approachable, outgoing and have a positive outlook in life. As an ESL teacher, I have realized the needs of the students to learn English. English is very essential to make a good living and to travel all over the world and communicate to foreign people. It is a great advantage for us because English has been officially considered our second language which means we have to study more for some reasons. Knowing English will make us bilingual and more employable in any country. English is the language of Science. To excel in Science, we need to know English. English is also the language of the Film Industry which means if you understand English, you don’t need to rely on subtitles. There are many job opportunities in English Speaking countries namely US, Canada, Australia and UK which offer higher salaries which could somehow increase our standard of living.


1:1 Class Conductor:Therese


I have been teaching online and offline for more than ten years now. I am easy-going and a good listener too, if you need someone to talk to. I like hanging out with my friends, watching movies and singing songs. In teaching, I usually let my students read, speak and write to develop and maximize their use of the English language. Patience is a virtue which I gained through years of teaching.



1:1 Class Conductor:Rey


Hi, my name is Rey, I’m 23 years old and I have been teaching here for 1 year and 3 months. I’m teaching man to man classes here in 3D. And I Can say that teaching is one of the challenging jobs that I handling how. And also, I’m having A really good time teaching English to my students. I am approachable person in other words I am easy along with.



1:1 Class Conductor:Jocs


Hello everyone! I’m Jocs.

When I was in elementary school, I came across a line that says “English is your ticket to the world”. And my optimistic and idealistic self chose to believe in it so much that decided to take Bachelor of secondary Education major in English in Cebu normal university.

I’ve been teaching ESL in 3D Academy for almost two years now and I truly savor every moment of it. The English language has indeed become a powerful tool that brought acceptance of broad diversity of culture and tradition.


1:1 Class Conductor:Lilian


Howdy!! Lilian is my name. Education is my profession and I’ve been teaching in 3D for about 2 years. Learning English is expected to be brain wracking and mind numbing but it shouldn’t always be the case coz it’s supposed to be fun, exciting and fascinating. With a right amount of effort, determination and with the help of dedicated teachers it will be a hassle free yet fruitful English learning.


1:1 Class Conductor:Diona


Hello every one! I’m Diona. I’ve been working as an ESL instructor in 3D Academy for about a year and five months, and I love this job. This school has greatly influenced the teachers to attain personal and professional development and growth which even ignite our passion to impart our knowledge to the students to reach their full potentials as life-long English language learners and to boost their self-esteem as well. Acquiring information about diverse cultures and languages broaden our horizons. As a tool, the English language is a great help in strengthening bonds or ties and abridging language gaps among nations for solid global communication.

1:1 Class Conductor:Crystal


Hello! My name is Crystal. English is fun and an interesting subject. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with you. I’m friendly, approachable and kind. If you’re hesitant to study English, just give it a shot! You will have fun and you will learn more. So come and join me in an amazing an fun-filled English learning process!

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started”

1:1 Class Conductor:Chelle


 Hi there! This is teacher Chelle at your service. I am friendly, funny and energetic.

My dear student, I encourage you to learn English with me because we all need this language as we go along our journey. Let’s unlock the door of English language and face some unknown vocabulary.
Come and join me in this world of fun! I promise that you will enjoy learning English with me. See you in my class! :)

1:1 Class Conductor:Cathy


Good day! I’m Cathy, I’ve been teaching here at 3D for over a year now and teaching is really my passion. So why do we need to learn English? Well, English is the commonly spoken language in the world. English is not only useful, it will also give you a lot of satisfaction. And by learning English, you will also learn about other cultures. Few experiences will make you grow as a person. For learning is a knowledge gained through experience and is something that evolves in the inner self and said to be an ongoing process. So if you’re looking for a great English learning, I welcome you all here at 3D Academy where teaching-learning process is at its best! You can experience and adopt a lot of things that you haven’t been tried. Teachers are incredible, place is extraordinary and people are remarkable. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us now!



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