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Studying of the Philippines

The world’s budget English teacher -According to BBC News-

The Philippines markets itself as being the third largest English-speaking nation – after the US and the UK, according to the Department of Tourism. With the relatively low living cost as compared to the western counterparts and other countries around the region such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Philippines is fast becoming the world’s low-cost English language teacher. There is a rapid increase in overseas students coming to learn English or studying in English-speaking universities. Last year, the Philippines had nearly 30,000 foreign students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, as well as Iran, Libya, Brazil and Russia. In the highly competitive international English learning market, the Philippines has the potential to catch up with other economies.

Due to the fact that the Philippines was colonized by the United States, most people here carry a strong American accent. This is somewhat unique as compared to other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, whereby their accents are generally more “British” rather than “American”. It is advantageous for the students from non-English speaking countries to stay here for an extended period as they would have the chance to practice English everywhere they go since English has been integrated into the lives of the locals. Also, due to the fact that labor cost is low in Philippines, you will find it much affordable to take up 1:1 English Speaking training here. Most students here learn how to speak English not just because of the teachers’ quality, but because they are being forced to immerse themselves into this English-speaking environment. Given that it is 3- 4 times cheaper than studying English abroad in other countries, it is definitely an experience worth trying for you!

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience this life changing experience yourself soon!



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