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> Basic Information of Cebu City
Basic Information of Cebu City, Philippines

Famous St. Catherine’s Church
of Carcar City in Cebu

Cebu city is a melting pot of both the traditional and modern civilization of the Philippines. It was first discovered in 1521 by the Portuguese navigator Magellan. Cebu island is located in the center of the Visayas islands, surrounded by the Philippine archipelago islands with beautiful weather, clear water, soft sand, interspersed with palm-fringed fishing village. Her beautiful natural scenery, unique and rich cultures have become the main attractions for both domestic and overseas tourists. Cebu is currently the second largest city of the Philippines, after Manila, accommodating a population of 1.8 million. It is also the Philippines’ main domestic shipping port and is home to about 80% of the country’s domestic shipping companies. This exotic tropical city is well-known to the names of the “southern capital of the Philippines” and “Queen of Southern Philippines” (Queen City of the South), “the next economic miracle”, etc. You will always find yourself lost in its breath-taking sceneries.



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