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> Competitive Advantages of 3D
Competitive Advantages of 3D

More than a decade of experience
3D ACADEMY (MTM JY) was established in April 2002. It is the second oldest ESL school with government-accredited in the Philippines. With over 10 years of experience, we have the confidence to offer the best ESL course and service in town!

Best Location in town
3D is the only ESL school located in the commercial building at downtown Cebu City, with 24 hours security. It is ideally located beside JY Mall, adjacent to supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s, CBD (IT Park), and all other exotic restaurants, foot Massage and SPA centers.

Convenience and Accessible
Our classrooms, restaurants and dormitory are all located in the same building. Imagine going to class and meals at no sweat? This is how good it can be!

Teaching Quality
We provide daily 1:1 ESL training and small class discussions with the best quality teachers that we hand-selected from hundreds of candidates. All with one goal – To improve your English Proficiency!

Vibrant School Life
“Free” Dance Classes, Monthly volunteering activities in cooperation with the Philippine government, occasional weekend trips! 

Fastest Internet Speed

We cannot stand low-speed WIFI for waiting costs time which is important in your life. So our solution is to launch high-speed 3D WIFI. Now everyone can be satisfied!

Maximum Respect for the students in terms of course options
We provide an optional two hours classes in addition to the seven hours of regular class time. “Casual Discussion” is a class that allows students from all walks of life to gather casually in our ‘English ONLY Zone’ and discuss some reality and in-depth issues. “Review Class” is a self-study class with the support of a skilled teacher by providing input for the student’s vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. Students have the options to attend any of these two depending on the teachers’ availability and their own time table.

Attention! Native Speakers in the house!
As good as we hand-selected every teacher with the highest teaching quality in town we could find, we also provide you an option to have group class with our native teachers from USA and UK who can provide you the American/British accent training.