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Miscellaneous Fees in Cebu

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When students arrive to Cebu, they need to pay some miscellaneous fees as stipulated by the government. The fees include Special Study Permit (SSP), maintenance fees, visa extension etc. Some fees are compulsory, some are not. Please check with the student manager upon arrival on the specific miscellaneous fees that are applicable to you.

① VISA extension:
Those students who stay more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below (Inclusive of 300pesos handling fee)
1st:3,440pesos valid for 59days*counting from the arrival(8weeks)
2nd:4,710pesos valid for 89days*counting from the arrival (12weeks)
3rd:3,240pesos valid for 119days*counting from the arrival(16weeks)
4th:3,240pesos valid for 149days*counting from the arrival(20weeks)
5th:3,240pesos valid for 179days*counting from the arrival(24weeks)

※after 1st extension, 2nd and 3rd extensions onward can be done at one time.


*Each visa extension will take 5 working days for processing. During this period, your passport will be withheld and you are not allowed to travel during this period. The processing charge for each visa extension is 200 pesos.

*For urgent processing of visa extension, an additional fee 300 pesos will be charged (Total 500 pesos). You will get back your passport within 2 working days.


② SSP(Special Study Permit): 6,800pesos including notarization(6 months validity)

③ ACR I-Card: Compulsory for students staying over 59 days = 3,000pesos

* The fees for students Staying over 59 days  = 3000 pesos (ACR I-Card) + 4,710pesos (2nd visa extension) = 7710 pesos

④ Textbooks: Approximately 1,000pesos for 4weeks
⑤ Electric fee: Approximately 300~1,500pesos/4weeks(depends on the usage)
⑥ Maintenance fee: 150pesos /week(onetime payment on the first day)
⑦ Deposit(Refundable):
1~19weeks→Equivalent to 2,500pesos
20~47weeks→Equivalent to 5,000pesos
⑧ Additional Classes (Optional): 1 to 1 class=2,500pesos/week or Group Class=1,500pesos; Additional Day (Accommodation): 1500 pesos for 2-6 persons room; 2500 pesos for single room and hotel suite.
⑨ Airport Tax: 850pesos (At the airport)
⑩ Personal Expenses: Tour Packages etc.


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