October 6, 2016

Cebu Lifestyle

Night Market in Cebu — Things you don’t know about Cebu Life

There are night markets in Cebu??

Yes yes yes – Don’t doubt it! And it’s located at the most central area for Cebu expats — IT Park – Sugbo Mercado!

How do you go there?? You can take a taxi, Jeepney 17B or 17D, stop at the Skyrise building at IT park and walk for around 5 minutes.

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I normally just walk there. IT Park is located 10-15 minutes walk from 3D Academy. It’s not that far away from the school. As the dormitory and the school are located at the same building, we don’t get much chance to walk as a student here. Hence I always take this as a chance for exercise (So that I can eat more at the night market after exercising haha)

Time for the night market?

Every Thursday-Sunday  18:00PM~01:00AM

Distance between night market in Cebu and 3D

There’s a park with lawn nearby the night market. Since we were there, we always just sit on the lawn after shopping for food, chit-chatting, eating, watching stars, enjoying the night breeze of the town.. BUT.. A reminder, there might be dog shits or ants appearing somewhere at the lawn, do watch out for that! (Speaking of the red ants, I’m personally quite popular among the ants.. :((((


Although there are seats arranged in the night market, those seats are always occupied. Doubt you can get any seat :((((~~~~~


See??!!! Where’s my seat????? …


Or.. You can stand and eat! Haha try something different anytime!!!


What can you find in the night market?? There are many stores. You can find all sorts of local delicacies in Cebu here. For example, Lechon — The barbequed pork — The must try in Cebu! You will find it here..




You can also find the fried noodle- Chao Mien here. I heard many people recommended that ~~ Feel free to try!


Although…It doesn’t look very delicious 冏– But never judge a book by its cover man!


BBQ is very popular here! So you can imagine the store with bbq are always full of customers. But did you spot some meat that you can’t name? Haha for those looking to challenge your stomach, you can try those uncommon meat, haha!


After the meal, time for some ice creams for the hot summer~~~



There are also a huge variety of drinks store here!!! But somehow the food and drinks are always too sweet here. Sugar-haters or dieters, stay away!


Bubble tea from Taiwan! One of the most famous bubble tea shop – Chatime from Taiwan has a branch here. It’s located right next to the night market. For my fellow friends from Taiwan who are home sick, time for some treatment! haha


There are also bands performance later at night. If you are looking to join in the fun, do snatch your seats earlier. (As the locals are super enthusiastic for music and dance. The chance of you getting any seat is lower as the night gets darker)


Most of the things sold in this night market are food. Although you can find some accessories or souvenirs, there’s no other entertainment stores.. Haiz.. I should introduce a bit about the night market in Taiwan next time. It’s not just food, drinks, and shopping. You can find a lot of new entertainment and stuff there…

If you are tired of reading and studying English, join me for the night market tour! Thursday to Sunday. Who knows, maybe we will pump into each others somewhere at the corner in the night market! See ya soon 🙂

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