December 27, 2016

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3D Academy – The new chapter of my life (What to do when you lost your luggage at the airport?)

What do you do when you lost your luggage in the airport?

Hi everyone, this is Tuan Anh and I am from Hanoi, Viet Nam.

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My friends in 3D Academy call me Edward. I joined this school 5 days ago. Although five days might not be long enough for me to share my experience or life in this new environment, I hope to write down my feeling in this new beginning.


Edward in 3D Academy

There is no direct flight from Hanoi to Cebu, so we need to transit in Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines, 4 hours from Hanoi to Manila and 2 hours to Cebu concluded the flying journey.



When I arrived at the Cebu airport, a huge surprise was waiting for me! Nope, not a good surprise. I lost my luggage !!!! This is my first encounter of losing luggage in the airport! But somehow I was not feeling too nervous because the airport staff helped me a lot by giving me a reassuring tone as if this is pretty common. Here’s what they said: “ I am really sorry to hear that. When we find your luggage, we will send it to your academy. Please fill your information in this form and save your receipt, we will keep in touch with you and so sorry again for the inconvenience” It sounds reassuring. Why do I need to be worried haha?

Optimistically, this means I have a new experience and I want to share it with you. While we have no control over the luggage handling by the airport staff, I do have some useful tips to share with you on how to make sure you have a higher chance of retrieving your lost luggage.


Luggage Preparation

#Tip 1 – Make sure you write down names and any contact details on your luggage tag

First, you should write down your name, and your phone no (if you have) on your luggage or do it on the paper and stick to it. In my case “Edward, Student in 3D academy, 2F La Nivel Hotel JY Square, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines, Tel: 63-32-231-7989” (I think this way is better because it gives the crew enough information where to send the luggage back to you.) By the way, “63” is the country code of the Philippines.

#Tip 2 – Always keep a photo of your luggage

Second, take a photo. If you lost it, you can show it to the airport staff, it is really useful. If you don’t have the luggage photo, you have to try very hard to recall and explain to them on how do your luggage look like. So, always keep a photo of the luggage on your phone

#Tip 3 – Get a travel insurance that covers luggage lost

Yes I get it. Money can’t buy the memories you have in your laptop (Don’t put your laptop in your checked-in luggage by the way) or the old books that you carry anywhere in the world. However, you know what money can give? Essential items and reassurance. It’s important to have travel insurance when you travel for the peace of mind.

Enough of the ranting (Or sharing) of the losing luggage experience.

Next up, welcome to 3D Academy in Cebu, and welcome to my new life. When I got out of the airport everything looks new to me. How could I describe everything I saw… It is so amazing! New faces, new building, new voice.

The weather was a little bit too hot, though. I went out from the international terminal and on my left, I saw an international student waiting for me waving the signboard of “3D Academy”. He is from Taiwan. With the laminated signboard (or more like a Placard paper) of the school name in his hands, it is easy to recognize.

3D pick up manager with the signboard

This is another student pick-up manager from 3D with the cardboard. I didn’t take photo at the Taiwanese student who waited for me at the airport when I first saw him (You can imagine how weird it is don’t you? :P)

I felt a bit apologetic as he had waited for a long time because I spent 45 minutes handling my luggage issue after arrival. Instead, he simply asked me “ How was your flight, are you tired?”. Only then I realized I was indeed a little tired. I explained to him what happened to me. He listened quietly and handed me a water bottle. Gosh, why was the water still cool after such a long time? (Or it was just because I felt too tired that any water was cool to me at that time?) and how does he know that I need to drink something cool? I felt refreshed instantaneously after such a long flight and the chaos. He simply waited for me to finish the drink and said “I hope that you feel better now and we are sorry about what happened, how can I help you to find your luggage? ” I said “Thank you. The airport staff will send it to our school when they find it”. He replied: “If you need any help, please let me know and welcome to Cebu, welcome to 3D academy”…


So what happens next? Did I receive my luggage in the end? And what is my experience next? See you in the next writing.

Thank you for reading.


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