March 8, 2017

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J A C O B S T E E N S O N – P E R T H (A U S T R A L I A)


Jacob blog 1

Hi everyone!

My name is Jacob and as of early February, I am a new “student” at 3D academy in Cebu, The Philippines!

During the three months I’m going to be spending here I will be responsible for creating video content to show you what 3D life is like. These videos’ will capture the city of Cebu, the lively street culture and of course, the amazing places that surround Cebu.

Jacob blog 2

During my first three weeks I have been lucky enough to visit the islands of Bohol and Malapascua, both beautiful places for different reasons. Each of the getaways were school trips, organized by fellow interns at 3D.

Check out the Bohol trip here:


The Malapascua adventure here:

This could be you! Studying abroad but still having the opportunity to explore as you please. I first considered traveling to the Philippines when I began to notice a wave of travel video’s and photography which were documenting the incredible nature that can be found here.

Jacob blog 3

Inambakan Falls – Ginatilan (Just 3 hours from Cebu)

Coming from Australia, many students ask my why I would leave such a country? Well, yes, I am very lucky to come from a country with such diverse nature and fantastic weather, but I’m more than happy to leave this behind for a little while to have the chance of exploring other continents and experiencing different cultures.

Back in Perth, my home city (Western Australia if you’re unsure), I am a film and video student. Last year I decided, although I only have half a year left of my degree, I wanted to travel and I wanted to document my adventures, with the hope of improving my film skills. When I saw an advertisement for 3D I saw it as the perfect opportunity. I would be able to travel for longer and in a way, I would still be studying, but it’d be completely practical, something that my degree in Perth was lacking.

I also hold a strong passion for photography and this country is proving to be a photographer’s paradise. I’ve traveled to many countries and out of all of them, the locals here are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. They’re lighthearted and always willing to help you out, or more importantly, willing to be the subject in your photograph!

Here are a few of my favourite captures so far, you can find more on my Instagram (@jacobsteenson). Please follow!

Jacob blog 4

Malapascua Island – 4 hour drive and 30 minute boat ride from Cebu. Local kids

Jacob blog 5

Locals playing basketball on Malapascua Island

Jacob blog 6

Molboal – 3 hour drive from Cebu City

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to sharing more of my work and passion with you.

If you find my work interesting, please do me a favor and follow me on Instagram: @jacobsteenson

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