April 7, 2017

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Chapter 6: “If I were Magellan” – Travel Blog to Camotes Island



Hey you!!! Take my time today ! Nathan is back! I think that I don’t need to introduce myself again. You know who I am, babe. Your favorite uncle is ready to show you a bit of our wonderful world!!! One day, my nephew asked me to tell him one of the most fabulous stories in the world. I told him, “No way!” Honestly, young people are not polite nowadays. How dare he asks me to do that without giving me a bottle of beer first? However, for you it is different. I would tell you everything because I love you people! I really love my readers like a double cheese burger coming from McDonalds!! I’m high now I know! Can’t help it every time when I am writing a blog and thinking that millions of people will be reading my life! For this time, we are heading east from Cebu. If you have read my previous blog, “Aye-aye, the famous terraces of Ayala!!!” you certainly know that my friends and I decided to have a trip on the coming Friday. Hallelujah! After checking the weather and the number of bills in my pocket, nothing could prevent me from discovering a new land. Don’t you know? I’m the secret little brother of Magellan. Don’t you see the similarity of our names ending both by “an”? If I were Magellan, I would like to be called Magellanathan, babe!! Did you get the picture?


Fernão_de_Magalhães_por_Charles_Legrand                                                          IMG_20170225_145104_1488009497126

That is what we call the connection through ages with explorers belonging to the same race. All around the world, I believe that we have a modern explorer’s hearts with our smartphones always ready to do a selfie. So, you just have to turn your GPS on. Then, Google Maps will guide you towards this new adventure. That Friday was sunny in Cebu. A beautiful day for beautiful people ready to go and do beautiful things. Being a 3D student, you are not allowed to travel during the week from Monday to Thursday. Useful tips alert! I don’t recommend you to go to the islands during the evening. Don’t be a fool! There is no way to do that simply because you can only go to Camotes by ferry. 3D is located in the downtown of Cebu City. Leaving the school in the morning at 4:00 am on Saturday is the best option if you really want to enjoy your trip for the weekend. Firstly, you can take a taxi to arrive in the Cebu North bus station. That would cost you only 100 pesos (USD 2). From there, you would take a bus to Danao Port. Yes!!! You need to leave Cebu City for Danao City and spend 3 or 4 hours on the road. Break a leg!! It’s nothing compared to the pleasure of swimming with angels. You know what I am talking about! Bikini’s party my bro! Secondly, Camotes islands are about 2 hours’ ferry ride from the port. I recommend you to choose Jomalia Shipping Corporation for the cheap passenger’s ticket. Departure is scheduled at 8:30 am. The normal price is 180 pesos but you can get a discount if you show your 3D student ID card to them. Thank you 3D! God bless 3D! My last advice for you before going to this marvelous place is to bring a towel, get ready plenty of snacks and some food. 1,2,3, cheese!!!

IMG_20170128_074931_HDR_1486131427641 P1040036 IMG_20170129_105029_HDR_1485664278666_1485664626589

After around 2 hours of never-ending sea-view, Magellanathan could finally sense the touch of sand in a bit of land. We arrived in paradise. Clouds were white. Sky was blue. Sun was sparkling and water was green. Where were all the pretty girls wearing bikinis? Where were they hiding?! The excitement made me sweat, babe! The explorer of unknown places was on the beach wearing his legendary Pull & Bear glasses accompanied by its magical and colorful African shirt. My batch mates and I booked a bungalow at Santiago Bay for 2 days. Around the port, you can rent a Jeepney to circulate freely in the island. You can ride a bike but uncle Nathan is a boss and you know what I mean, babe!!! If it is not Harley Davidson, no way for me to risk my precious life. Let’s rock!!! I am right to call this land the hidden paradise. I don’t have any ideas about heaven but Santiago really looked like it. No need to waste my time in that comfortable room. The resort was featuring a magnificent swimming pool across sea. The time for me to show my muscles has come. Uncle Nathan wearing a wet suit and looking for girls. Can you believe it? Yes baby, I was rolling like a boss for these creatures!!! This is life!!! Zeus himself could have been jealous of me that day. Mayday! Mayday! A caramelized girl was approaching and uncle Nathan stopped thinking. He was actually sinking like the titanic boat surrounded by multiple sirens close to his location.

113685008111164413 IMG_20170129_080419_HDR_1485648801274 camoteswater DSC_3662 img_3711 1c santiago-bay-garden-resort poro_rock1 P1040443 P1040215 P1040099 P1040161

At Camotes, you can visit a lot of interesting places. For instance, we have Santiago Bay which is itself a beautiful beach with an idyllic scenery for couples who want to swim in their own disgusting love. Oh sorry! I don’t currently have a girlfriend and I am so jealous of them. Their love disgusted me!! Sorry for my BS! Anyway, you can also go to the caves. Paraiso cave is more modern than Timubo cave but both give you the magnificent view underwater and you can take Buddha pictures underwater. One of the best beaches apart from Santiago is without a doubt Mangodland. If you are an adventurer like me, you will also appreciate Buho Rock, the only place for cliff diving. Warning for those who are afraid of heights!!! Don’t jump if you don’t know how to swim. If you are lucky, you can also attend the preparation of the Soli-soli festival.

Otherwise, I got some pictures for you below. We spent 2 days on this exotic and tropical area. For me, it was like a month. I really enjoyed my journey there surrounded by friends. Beaches and attractive places on this island were not crowded. If I were Magellan, Camotes is surely the kind of land that I would like to discover first. How to say it, my dear? I left my heart at Mangodland, babe.

IMG_20170129_161032_HDR IMG_20170129_155247_HDR IMG_20170129_153130_HDR IMG_20170129_153038_HDR IMG_20170129_153229_HDR IMG_20170129_144316 IMG_20170129_142525_HDR IMG_20170129_142327_HDR IMG_20170129_154151_HDR_1485727499927 IMG_20170129_155045_HDR IMG_20170129_155127_HDR IMG_20170129_153700_HDR maxresdefault poro_rock1 P1040443

The time to end this chapter has come. All in all, we came back safe and sound to 3D with the heart full of souvenirs. After this trip, it was with a free mind that I started to improve my English at 3D. All of this thanks to the incredible teachers working in the school. One month can really pass very fast when you enjoy something you do every day. That was my case and I wanted to stay longer in this dynamic place!! But do you remember? I am a poor Congolese student who doesn’t have money!!! For the sake of heaven! Do you think that Uncle Nathan will go back to China after 1 month just like that? I bet that you want to know what will happen to him? Stay tuned and don’t miss the next blog post of your lovely blogger with six pack: “The debut of the shyest intern at 3D.”




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