May 26, 2017

3D academy

Chapter 9: Floating on cloud 9 in 3D!!!

Hi!!!! Did I miss you? I don’t know, but I missed all of you so much. Yup! True, true! I was sick a week ago. That’s why you didn’t see a new post of your favorite and unique Uncle Nathan on Facebook and 3D blog home. I’m back baby and stronger than ever. For this chapter 7, I would like to thank 3D for everything. Yes, babe. They took care of me throughout my sickness and helped me a lot while my recovery. That’s why I would like to dedicate this post to all the staff of this tremendous School of English located in Cebu City. If you remember my last post, I was the shyest new Congolese intern of 3D. Now, I’m very proud to be a part of this dream team. Come with me to plant  love and let it grow!!!!!!! 

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First of all, I’d like to talk about the staff in charge of the cleaning. In 3D, there are people who are responsible of tidiness in the dormitories. Yes, we don’t pay attention to them, but they really exist. They are not ghosts. However, they are kind and hard-working people. When you need some basic information about Cebu, about the school, they will smile and help you without any hesitation. Men or women, they clean hallways, cafeterias, rooms and classes every week. Thank you very much for making our life cleaner.

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Secondly, I have to mention the guards. As a matter of fact, I consider them like big brothers having an eye on us. They are so friendly with everybody. Students can testify that. I’m not lying to you. Nevertheless, when it comes to the safety of our lovely students, they are serious. You better don’t forget your ID card and respect the curfew. 24/7 they are with us sharing our success and failures. I’m grateful for their presence… I love u guys!!!

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Thirdly, let’s go to the kitchen. A place to visit every day if you are a 3D student. 3D’s menu is the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll not say they serve the best food in Cebu. To be honest, according to the budget of each student, they do well. I’ve been in that place for 4 months. For me, you can eat something great in that Mini-buffet. This fact is due to the quality of good cooks and chefs from the Philippines and Japan working in the kitchen. Yes, I like the Miso soup served there. It’s simply Yummy!!!  All of them are helpful during eating times. They can even offer to students some extra services if they bring their own food in the cafeteria. Personally, my stomach got along with them since the 1st day. Uncle Nathan will remember all these sweet moments after work. Please, keep it up because you are doing a great job!!!

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Last but not the least, we have the office. Minutes, hours, days, months I passed to work for 3D will remain precious for me. I love the time I’ve spent with these guys. Yes, they deserve appreciations and flowers from me. I was so ignorant before working with them. They taught me what I know today. Thanks for welcoming me. Every day is not the same, but it is always a joy for me to work for and with 3D. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be Intern’s Manager. I’m so far away from my country, my relatives and my friends. Nonetheless, when I close my eyes, I can feel the heat. The heat of a new home, the heat of a new family which warms up my heart when I feel lost. Laughs, smiles, tears, misunderstanding, whatever that could happen in that office, we will continue to work together. We are just beautiful people doing beautiful things to fix problems of beautiful students. I met many dudes coming from all paths of lives.

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I believe that 3D with its incredible teachers is the school we needed to accomplish our language learning journey. So, what are you waiting for? 3D’s staff is ready to satisfy all your needs in Cebu City. I’m ready to show you that you can learn to speak, to write, to listen and to read in English at 3D Academy. Yes, you can! Yes, we can! Before making your decision to come visit us, stay tuned with Uncle Nathan and have a look to your new vocabulary and this fantastic video presentation of the best language school in Cebu City made by our Australian intern.


Floating on a cloud nine: To be extremely happy and excited

The best thing since sliced bread: To be an excellent person or thing

Yummy: Tasting extremely good.


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