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Basic Information about studying in Cebu

Philippine cuisine

Many Philippine cuisines are famous, although the Philippine cuisines are not as famous as their Thai and Vietnamese neighbors. However, for a country with more than 7,000 islands and colorful histories, they have their own delicacies. Philippine cuisine has its own ways of preparing food and eating habits. The way of cooking and food are linked to the centuries-old evolution of the original cuisine, and to its intermingling with the Malay, Indian, Spaniards, China, and America, as well as Indian-Asian kitchens. The dishes in the Philippines range from very simple meal of salty fried fish and rice, to fine dishes which takes long time to prepare
The most famous Filipino dishes are: longganisa, Filipino sausages, tapa (beef dish), torta (egg omelet), adobo (chicken meat cooked with garlic, vinegar, oil and soya sauce or cooked to dry), kaldereta a meat soup with tomato sauce. For traditional breakfast, they can include pandesal , white kesong puti, rice porridge, champorado, fried rice and garlic sinangag , as well as meat such as astapa , longganisa , tocino , oritlog na pula and others . The most famous Filipino cuisine
The Filipinos found that cooking meat (chicken often) with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices is a practical way of keeping Meat without a refrigerator.


2- Taba ng talangka
This dish contains a small variety of marine crabs, which are pressed and grafted with garlic, often used as shrimp prawns or eaten with rice and fried fish.




3-Sutang Chicken

A delicious dish of soup contains chicken, mushrooms, carrots, green onions, noodles and others.

4- Bastek
It is called the Philippine beef steak, contains thin slices of beef soaked in soy sauce and fried and often served with onions.



Meat rolls stuffed with sausage, hot dog, carrots, pickles, cheese, and eggs, this dish is considered a holiday dish.



6- Kaldereta
This dish can be made from beef, but mostly made from goat meat. Pieces of meat cooked in tomato sauce, mashed garlic, onions, peas, hazel, hot pepper and potatoes, which are a delicious soup.

7- Pancit Palabok
A delicious dish of noodles made from rice flour topped with crab sauce, eggs, shrimp, garlic, squid, and vegetables with lemon juice.

8- Kare Kare
Philippine soup, made from pistachio sauce with a variety of vegetables, beef, sometimes goat meat, rarely used chicken meat, eaten with bacon (shrimp paste) and sometimes comes with the chicken.

***Famous Filipino sweets
Because the Philippines is a tropical country, it is not surprising that most of the recipes are made from rice and coconut.
1-  Bibingka
A hot cup of rice, often topped with butter, slices of white cheese and sometimes slices of coconut.


Candy of gluten rice with sugar, butter, coconut milk
3- Bitsu-Bitsu
It is also called Donut Pinoy, made from fried rice flour, covered with sugarcane Muscovado.


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