June 23, 2017

3D Campus Facilities

Chapter 13: JY Mall, an overall small mall!


I have to tell you something about Joanne York, my Jealous Young girlfriend. I really like JY, but sometimes she just makes me feel like I’m in dire straits. She told me: “I need more space” Do I look like a NASA employee? Joke! Yolo! JY is not the name of my GF and I don’t have a girlfriend either. Sad reality of a poor lonely student. Anyway, I want to talk about JY Mall in this post. Yes, you heard it well! JY is a small mall located in Lahug street, Cebu City. Above all, that interesting place is next to 3D Academy. Can you believe it! We have a mall beside the school. Who says better? Nobody! The location is one of the best assets of 3D Academy. Our students don’t have to go far for shopping.

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To begin with, JY is composed of many local shops and some international companies. “Hey Madame! I would like to order a double cheese burger and don’t forget to put plenty of mayonnaise sauce on the steak!” Do you know what I mean? Yay, we have McDonald’s in JY Mall. Lovely! Imagine that you are starving at 2 am. Hahaha! Of course, your mama will not come to cook something for you. Poor thing, don’t worry, don’t cry because McDonald’s is open 24/7. Furthermore, we have numerous kiosks and restaurants in that area. Do you like exotic food, foreign cuisines? Chill out! JY is all about that. Are you a Japanese? Ikkousha Ramen will make your mouth comes water. Yahoo! Enjoy ramen as if you were in Tokyo. Do you want to discover Filipino cuisine? Easy, easy, easy, everything is close to 3D Academy. Yahoo, again!

jyikkousha-ramen maxresdefault

Next, after 7 hours of classes all day, get relax with JY’s spa, massage institutes. I like it. One of the Cheapest Thai massages there! I like it more! Apart from that, we have many useful stores in that place. I’m not pulling your leg, bro! Only 2 minutes on foot from 3D Academy and you can change your money, buy a cheap cell phone, buy airfare for traveling around Cebu, take pictures, surf on the internet, repair some stuff, etc.


Picture 0785961478206_0a22c1ff25 IMG-20130830-00147


Finally, we have a supermarket over there. Guess what? JY Supermarket and 3D Academy share the same building. Tadaaaa! Enjoy! That is to say, if you always need to buy some lovely snacks for your leisure time, you are blessed to study in 3D. The supermarket is wide and you can find wonders among its various items. The personal is welcoming and the security is strong. However, aside from McDonald’s, Seven eleven, and the eating area on the second floor, JY and its supermarket close early and open lately (9 am~9 pm).


Video made by 3D ACADEMY

To conclude my post, despite the fact that it is a small mall, JY Mall gathers a lot of necessities that you will surely need when arriving in Cebu City. And because 3D cares about the comfort of its students, the owner decided to open the school there, babe. Everything has been made for your smile and satisfactory. Enjoy! The environment is safe and convenient. So, what are you waiting for? 3D is what you need to improve your English. Often imitated, never equaled. I’m looking forward to see you among us. But until then, stay tuned with your favorite uncle and see you next week!   


Useful words

I’m in dire straits : in a very bad situation that is difficult to fix.

Yolo: abbreviation for “you only live once «used, especially on social media, to mean that you should do things that are enjoyable or excitingeven if they are silly or slightly dangerous.

Plenty of: (the state of having) enough or more than enough, or a large amount.



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