June 16, 2017

3D Outreach Activities

Chapter 12: Splash!!! My Heart Fell in Kawasan Falls

Mayday! Mayday! I think I lost something very important to me. Is it money? No, I have never seen green color of US bills. I’m only used to having coins in my pocket. LMFAO!!! Is it my phone? No, I don’t like my phone enough to think it is that important. LOL! So, what is it? I cannot breathe normally. Am I dying? Nope! No, I’m diving! All of a sudden, my heart stopped beating for a while. During that short time, I saw the paradise around me. I was in my element. I was swimming like a fish in the crystal, emerald water. Did you get the picture? If not, let me introduce to you one of the best falls in Cebu City. Welcome to the glorious Kawasan falls!!!

DSC02265 DSC02264 DSC02263 DSC02262

Firstly, let’s talk about the place. Google maps, we need you!!! Kawasan falls is located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. This is the reason you should leave 3D Academy early. It will take you around 3 hours by bus ride to reach the southern tip of Cebu, Philippines. 130 kilometers separating 3D Academy from the southwest of Cebu. One day is enough to visit the place. If you want to stay there overnight, I recommend you to book a room in a resort nearby Moalboal, another well known place for its beaches. However, you also can spend the night at Kawasan’s hostel. It’s not luxurious but comfortable. Anyway, personally I spent only one day there. Honestly, this place is more suitable for families who would like to spend time together during the weekend. Lovely! They have tables for picnics and restaurants for those who didn’t prepare anything for eating. Nonetheless be aware that food and other items could be expensive there.

DSC02270 DSC02290 DSC02280 DSC02278

Next, we have three waterfalls in Kawasan. The first one is the biggest and the most crowded as well. If you want more space and peace, I suggest you to go through natural upstairs placed there to connect the three levels. Lovely! After three hours of bus ride, what can you do in Kawasan falls? FYI, I jumped. Excitement drives me crazy. Yes babe, I jumped from the second level. I was floating in the air like a beautiful butterfly wearing my orange life jacket. The eighth wonder of this world has been discovered in Cebu last Sunday. Although people still don’t know it, only one Filipina girl noticed my acrobatic move. I jumped for joy and for her beautiful eyes. Splash!!! Plop!! Furthermore, you can stay in spring water as long as you want. It’s a relaxing natural place surrounded by all kinds of trees. The scenery is spectacularly astonishing. Above all, you are going to enjoy all of that for only 40 pesos (0.80 USD – less than 1 USD babe!) of the entrance fee. The rest depends on what you want to do in Kawasan falls. For instance, you can do canyoneering, bamboo massage underneath the falls on a raft, rent a waterproof camera, a life suit, a helmet, water shoes… So, you don’t have to know how to swim. No sweat!!! Prices for these items are affordable. Word of a poor student!! Believe me amigo!

Video made by Brent Hartley

Finally, Kawasan falls made my day. That place is simply breathtaking!!! Don’t you see my smile. I jumped twice and I won’t regret it. I took a nap in that natural blue pool facing the sun with my legendary glasses. All in all, I left 3D academy in the morning. I took a taxi to go to South bus terminal station of Cebu City for 100 pesos (2 USD). There, I paid the ticket for air conditioner bus. It was about 160 pesos (3.2 USD). Nevertheless, you can get cheaper rate if you decide to take normal bus for 115 pesos (2.3 USD). If you prepared your food like I did, it is really a good experience to visit Kawasan falls. Who has never thought of escaping the crowded cities for some hours? Do you need to harmonize yourself with nature? Do you want to impress your friends and relatives with unreal pictures? Now, I think you know the answers to those questions already. Yup!!! Stay tuned with your favorite uncle Nathan to get more details about 3D Academy and the exquisite island of Cebu in the Philippines. Check out your new vocabulary and see ya!

I was in my element: to be happy because you are doing what you like or can do best.to be happy because you are doing what you like or can do best:

Made somebody’s day: to make someone happy.

Breathtaking: extremely exciting, beautiful, or surprising.

I jumped for joy: to be extremely happy.

Get the picture: to understand.

FYI: written abbreviation for your information.


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