June 3, 2017

3D Outreach Activities

Chapter 10: “Bon Odori” Japanese Summer Festival Experience in Cebu

Bon Odori ! Bon Odori! Bon Odori! Can you feel it? Can you believe it? I’m in Japan right now! Oh damn! I like it! It’s so dope, babe! Disclaimer: I’m still in Cebu, but I feel Japan’s heart beating all over here. Hello, Uncle Nathan is back and he has many things to tell you. Have a sit, I didn’t mean to take the seat, but sit down! Order a double cheese burger and iced coke. Relax because it’s time to discover the famous “Bon Odori” Japanese summer festival in Cebu City. Yup! Yup! I’m not pulling your leg. You can experience this event in the Philippines every year. If you are broke like me, just steady on and join this overwhelming cultural exchange.


Most above all, if you come in 3D to study English, you will have the opportunity to embrace a lot of events in that vibrant island. The summer festival of this year took place in SM mall seaside. No sweat! You just have to google map it. To reach that place you can take some buses, but I vigorously recommend you to take a taxi. From 3D to go to SM mall seaside, you must spend at least 36 minutes on the way.

I went there with some students and I was so excited. The entrance fee was only about 20 pesos. Cheap! Cheap! I love chips like I love hearing cheap! At first sight, when we arrive in that place nearby sea, I felt hyper. The music, the dances, the colors and the smell of Japanese cuisine makes my mouth water! Mayday! We are in Tokyo…

We had the shining podium in front of us and many stands all over. I have to admit that the place was wide, but crowded. However, the Japanese night market was opened. We ran directly to the stands to buy some food. Yummy!!! I hated to line up. Nonetheless, in the end, we got some “Takoyakis,” some “Yakisoba” and some Filipino foods like “Hot Sisig” or “Lechon.” Sorry for “Sushi’s’ lovers.” Unfortunately, the temperature of Cebu is not good for raw meat. Anyway, I believe that you can find your happiness walking around. After buying a bottle of beer, we found places close to the scene. Only one beer! We are the most serious students at 3D. Hallelujah!

Image_8bf8469 Image_5023fb4 5440Hiroshimayaki-600x400 8242f6dce4e69b73 bonodori-cosplaygroup2

Here we go!! We ate delicious food and watched cosplay’s contest and various performances. Above all, the best moment finally arrived. The moment for Uncle Nathan to shine. I danced with lots of people following the gestures of beautiful girls wearing “Yukata.” I call it the summer fever Japanese dance, babe. The song “Tokyo Ondo/Tokyo Chant” lifts me up like superman. I believe I can fly. Uncle Nathan lose control. I stand up and started to swing like a star among all these fans of Japanese culture. One step, two steps… Aye-aye! Watch out! I forbid you to share this video of me. Be careful!


Finally, we stayed until the famous “Hanabi’s time.” Surefire fireworks were lovely staggering, floating in the sky like a paradise’s view. I measure my words saying that. The show was ended and the time to go back 3D Academy arrived. It was over but in my heart, I retain great, unforgettable moments that I’ve passed there with friends.


If you don’t have money like a student, I advise you coming in Cebu next year in May. So, you can enjoy learning English in 3D and participate in this famous annual event like me. Don’t forget to bring your friends. Don’t you know? In English, we say, “the more, the merrier.”  Remember to work hard and to play hard. For this post, I would like you to search vocabulary words by yourself. Stay tuned with Nathan Sensei 先生. See ya next week! 



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