June 17, 2017

Basic Information about studying in Cebu


Philippines consists of multiple tropical islands. There are only two seasons here which are sunny and rainy season. And with the thousands of islands to discover, such as Cebu and Palawan. A summery feel is a requirement for the best trip to this gem in the pacific ocean.

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Sunny season starts in late November and ends in May

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Rainy Season and Typhoon Season in the Philippines

The rainy seasons starts in June and lasts till October.  September and October are often the typhoon season in the Philippines. Although foreign visitors think that it is always summer in the Philippines, the Filipinos think and feel summer only in April and May.

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Hottest Months in the Philippines

April and May are the hottest months in the Philippines. The sky is at its bluest and the water at its clearest during this time of the year. During these months, tours in Cebu are amazing and island hoping tours are spectacular. If you are visiting Cebu in other months, private city tours and local home-cooked dinners are some great ways to explore the beauty and local lifestyles of this place .


Some Filipinos turn their rooms into swimming pool during April and May 2020. All public pools were closed because of the COVID-19 community quarantine.

If you want to get tanned skin easily you can visit Cebu in this month of April and May because it’s the hottest season in the Philippines, which is the best time to go to the beach and enjoy your time with your family, friends and your special someone. And if you don’t like such hot season , we also have cold season which happen on the month of December. This is the best time to visit. However, you should keep in mind that season do not always follow the standard pattern. Not only can the start and end of the rainy season change from year to year, different regions of the Philippines can experience different seasonal patterns. You don’t need to bring coat or jacket in this month because the rainy season here is not really cold for foreigner.

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And as what I have heard, many foreigners like Cebu’s season and weather unlike their own country’s climate. They really feel satisfied of their stay here in Cebu not because of the beautiful places but also the seasons here in Cebu. If you want to feel the season of what others feel – Sun always, why not visit Cebu for a long time and try the presence of each season.

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