June 23, 2017

3D Outreach Activities

sky experience adventure

Do you really want to test if you have Acrophobia or fear of heights? Then Cebu is the place to visit and try the Sky Experience Adventure that Crown Regency Hotel offers.


Be ready for a thrilling experience in the 37th floor of Cebu’s tallest building – The Sky Walk Extreme. This heart pumping activity will let you (and your group) walk on the outer-rim of the building which let you see an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. Sounds cool huh?


The attraction, the Sky Walk Extreme, is located on the thirty-seventh floor and entails going on a guided walk around the edge of the hotel on narrow, transparent glass flooring. The second attraction, the Edge Coaster, involves being tightly fastened into a two-seater coaster, which is tilted at a fifty-five-degree angle and literally revolves on the edge of the thirty-eighth floor.


Edge Coaster

Hailed as the world’s very first and only amusement ride of its kind, The Edge Coaster is by far the craziest, adrenaline pumping experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. I do not have a fear of heights but I haven’t experienced something as extreme as this before. You will be directed around the edge of the building high above at the 38th floor of the tower and strapped into a two-seat platform. Your seat can be tilted up to 55 degrees allowing you to fully enjoy the magnificent view of Metro Cebu and the nearby islands around 130 meters above ground.


Sky Walk Extreme


The Sky Walk Extreme is widely known to be the 4th in the world and first in the Philippines. In this activity will walk around the transparent glass platform on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers’ 37th floor which is about 126 meters above ground. You’ll be able to see an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. Sounds awesome, huh?


Besides, the platform can hold up to 5,000 pounds.


He was kind to share some of his experiences and pointed several Cebu landmarks we haven’t recognized when we were on top. We also did the “one foot at the edge” challenge where you have to pose for the camera with your one foot at the outer edge of the rim.



Tower Zip


The Tower Zip is known as the first urban zip line in the world that allows you to leave a building 473 feet in the air from the 2nd floor of The Sky Extreme Adventure and the land on the roof of a different building 250 feet away.  Not only that, it’s the first zip line in the world to use this fully automatic braking system, allowing the rider to experience a smooth and controlled stop.

This was what I had been waiting for! I’ve always wanted to try the country’s first and only urban zip line. There is something special in zipping across two buildings because it kind of looks more treacherous and exciting. I guess that’s because once you’re up in the air, you’ll be able to see more structures compared to the usual zip lines where you only see a dense forest, a lake or a river. The view looked so sharp at 500 ft up in the air and I was actually hesitant when it was already my turn. Thank God, I survived!

img_3398 img_3396 img_3393 img_3392

There are actually other Sky Experience Adventure amenities available like the Vertigo Wall, Cliff Hanger, Vertex and more! I would certainly go back to try all of them.


It was indeed a fun and crazy experience.


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