June 9, 2017

3D Teachers

the best teachers in 3D

A teacher is a person who helps to acquire knowledge, competences or values. in 3D Academy, there are many great teachers that will really help you on how to improve your English skills in just one blink of an eye. and I interviewed two excellent teachers in this school.

Can you tell us about yourself MJ ?

I’m a 2014 graduate of Cebu Technological University-Main Campus . My major is Special Education and Home Economics and Livelihood Education .In addition ,I am currently having my Masters in Special Education to uplift my career. My mother gave birth to me on the 1st day of February in the year 1992.

I used to be an adviser of kinder Two at St.  Augustine International School for a year. Then , I shifted as an online and offline teacher in English schools in Cebu. Now , I’m a full time offline ESL teacher at 3D Universal Academy . I have been teaching here for three years .

People might wonder why I chose to be an English teacher to foreigners instead of dealing with children with special needs . Well , I have two reasons why I’m rendering my service here. First ,I want to teach English to foreigners who do not know how to use it. In that  way , I can give them a hand to improve their English Skills. Lastly, I would like to interculturally  communicate with diverse nationalities.

If you  have worries in improving your English Skills and you want to learn it in a fun way , 3D  Universal Academy can help you with it. A thought to ponder ,”Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” . See you in our school guys!


How do you feel when you are appointed as the  best teacher ?

I feel happy and honored , but I also have worries about it. hahaha!


What do you think are the aspects of the best teacher ?

In my point of view , teacher must possess Knowledge, patience , punctuality ,perseverance, flexibility and passion in teaching .


How does a best teacher teach?

A best teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart . If the students do not learn the way you teach , Teach them the way they learn .


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Can you tell us about yourself Nicky ?

I would describe myself as creative ,flexible and passionate. All of these qualities really helped me become a successful teacher .I love learning new cultures , meeting new students and listening to their stories . I understand that all students learn in different ways and at different pace .When teaching , I make sure that every student has a grasp of the subject before moving on . I love to create a classroom in which students feel a sense of warmth and a nurturing atmosphere.

How do you feel when you are appointed as the best teacher in May ?

I feel blessed and honored to have received such recognition I’m grateful that I have been chosen as one of the best teachers in the academy . I’ll treasure this achievement and continue to do great  job as a teacher.

What do you think are the aspects of the  best teacher ?

the best teacher had a very good personality ;there’s no second thought about it . students always get attracted to teachers with good personality which leads to better communication, comprehension and ultimately good results! Another  important aspect is teaching not only textbook materials but also the truth that’s happening outside. All in all, the best teacher is someone who teaches not only with mind but also with heart.

How does a best teacher teach?

The best teacher interacts with the students physically, mentally and emotionally . He/she gives affection to the students, understand and make them feel special, safe and secure when in the classroom. Be the positive influence in the students’ lives!!

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If you are really impressed with these two teachers, don’t waste your time somewhere else. Join us and they are waiting for your presence.


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