July 4, 2017

3D School Activities

Chapter 14: BEYOND ENGLISH AT 3D!!!


3D universal, 3D academy, 3D institute, is one of the famous ESL schools at Cebu City in the Philippines. A lot of students come to 3D to improve their English and also to prepare for some examinations such as TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL. Moreover, as a 3D student you can join all kinds of activities. As a matter of fact, 3D offers many optional classes to their precious students. This twelfth chapter of the adventures of Uncle Nathan is all about what you can do in 3D besides learning English. Let’s see beyond English at 3D!! Discover, Do, Develop, but also to have fun. Do you know the famous quote: “work hard and play hard!”? This phrase applies to 3D.

 To begin with, from Monday to Thursday we have a lot of activities for students. So, after the seventh class in the evening, they are free for one hour before having dinner. For us, time is the most precious thing in the world. And when you are in 3D universal we respect that point.


  1. Casual Discussion

The best teachers will be selected among our specialists of spoken English. So, from the morning until the evening, you will have the chance during your free time to practice more about any topics. These classes are made for helping you to enhance your self-confidence. Here, shame is banned. Enjoy if you want to work on your speaking fluency!

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  1. Yoga

On the one hand, after a work day, some people like to drink a chamomile’s cup of tea to chill out. On the other hand, people just make sure to get a workout in after work. In that case, we have the Yoga class which helps lowering your stress level. “OM!” Open your Mind and relax!


  1. French Class

Bonjour ! Uncle Nathan, Nathan sensei is in the place. “Knowledge is power!” Do you agree with this popular quote? Personally, I do! That’s why in June, I decided to open the French class. I want to share with you what I know about the French culture and the language as well. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to take my class just because you heard that French is difficult. We will just study basics, some conversational words and enjoy a good discussion in English too. No homework, no exercises, come and enjoy!


  1. Hip-hop Dance

Let’s dance. Do you like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé and the other American singers? If the answer is yes, I invite you to come to the Hip-Hop dance class. Let’s your body express what your mouth cannot say. Learn how to dab like a pro with our ravishing teacher. May the force be with you!



  1. English Grammar (Only for Japanese Students)

This class is reserved for Japanese students in order to help low beginners to improve their level faster. Our main Manager Mr. Taka is in charge of this class. As a former high school English teacher, he will help you to find out your weaknesses. Watch out! Here, be diligent and serious. It’s for your sake.  

  1. Zumba Belly Dance

Roll it up! Roll it up! Common! OMG! I’m not talking about a marijuana joint! Calm down, I want to see you move your belly as fast as you can. Time to dance Zumba has come. Do you see me? Could you imagine us? I’m sweating with many students but we like it. Why? Dude, it’s fucking entertaining. Just don’t be shy and show us what you can do on the dancefloor. 1, 2, 3, Salsa!

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  1. Cultural Exchange

“Mabuhay (welcome)! Magandang umaga pô! (bonjour)” You will stay in the Philippines for one week, one month or one year. It’s up to you but for me, honestly you should try to learn some useful words in the local language. It is always a good thing to know something about a foreign culture. It is definitely a rich experience. At 3D, because we know that you might not have enough time to get along with local people, we anticipated that need. That’s why you can enjoy a Tagalog’s class with a Filipino native speaker. Salamat pô (merci)!


To conclude, if you come to 3D in order to study English, you may join various interesting classes. From Monday to Thursday, you will be free to choose the class that fits your schedule. You are surely wondering how much for all of that. Steady on! Optional is equivalent to “FREE” in 3D. Absolutely free! “Of course, as our student, it’s your privilege”.Oh yes! I’m not pulling your leg. That is to say, all these classes as well as the GYM will not be charged on your invoice. In other words, everything is made for your satisfaction. Study and have fun at once. 3D, often imitated, never equaled!

Nathanael T. Niambi
Unconditional epicurean, Nathanael T. NIAMBI is a Congolese blogger and writer. A simple soul sharing ups and downs of daily life with a gregarious and cynical pen... I'm reachable at nathan@3d-universal.com! See you!   Email: info@3d-universal.com  

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