July 17, 2017

3D Outreach Activities

Chapter 16: A squall coming from the bottom of my heart in Malapascua

Hello! Uncle Nathan is in the place! Baby, did you recently feel the earthquake? Don’t be afraid because it was just the beat of my little heart. I’m sorry but it was for me the only way to react face to all of that beauty. Yes, the view was just breathtaking. Don’t be pervert! I’m not talking about the Marylin Monroe dress going up. LMFAO! Why are you so dirty-minded? As a matter of fact, Malapascua just took my breath away. Wait a minute… Do you know Malapascua? No?!!!! Are you kidding me? Chill out! Steady on! Control yourself. Fortunately for you, my friend Capy from Nagoya, Japan is going to talk about this beautiful island in the following lines. Turn on the lights, bring the microphone and let’s start our interview at 3D.

malapascua-poster16231 cover

Uncle Nathan: Hi bro! How are u doing?

Mister Capy: Hi Uncle Nathan. I’m doing well, thanks. What about you?

Uncle Nathan: Not bad. I have known better days but I’m still alive. However, today is not about me but you. 

Mister Capy: Alright! How may I help you?

Uncle Nathan: Our 3D’s readers would like to know more about your recent escapade to Malapascua

Mister Capy: Soka (I see) …

Uncle Nathan: Common, we don’t speak Japanese here! Did you forget the first rule in 3D Academy? I want you to speak English or get out!

Mister Capy: Easy! Easy! I will do my best to tell you everything about my stay in Malapascua.

Uncle Nathan: Here we go! Be concise and give us an overview of the place. 

Mister Capy: Oki Doki! First of all, Malapascua is the name of a famous island close to Cebu City. Last weekend, I went there with one of my batch mates.  

Uncle Nathan: Was it a girl?

Mister Capy: Yes, but…

Uncle Nathan: Weight, height, eyes’ color, breast dimensions and…

Mister Capy: Stop it! She is married and too old for me! What is your problem?

Uncle Nathan: Err! I’m sorry. I was testing the microphone. Let’s going back to our topic. 

Mister Capy: It’s better and don’t interrupt me again.

Uncle Nathan: I got it.

Mister Capy: Thank you. So, I was saying that last weekend, we I went to Malapascua with a friend of mine for diving.

Video of diving made by my friend Capy

Uncle Nathan: For dying? OMG! A sentimental suicide! Awesome! What’s happened then? Why are you here? You should already be dead…

Mister Capy: I said diving and not dying!

Uncle Nathan: HEEEEEEE! Really! I’m sorry. My mistake. Please, could you continue?

Mister Capy: Grr ! We went to Malapascua for diving. O lord! That place is just out of this world. In other words, that space was just awe-inspiring

Uncle Nathan: Space? I didn’t know that the NASA has already found a way to send people onto the moon. Interesting…

Mister Capy: I’m sick and tired of this ***. I’m done!

Video of diving made by my friend Capy

Uncle Nathan: Captain Capy where are you going? Captain Capy! Captain Capy! Dear readers, I’m sorry for this impromptu situation. Anyway, we have to finish what we have started. As my friend Capy … wait a minute. I think that we are not friends anymore. Therefore, as my frenemy Capy said earlier, Malaspascua is really a beautiful place for diving and not for dying. I don’t remember all details about transportation and we lost Capy. Capy won’t come back but he is not capital for our today’s post. Fortunately, we have that beautiful website to get more details about that paradisiac island. Aside from diving you can do so much in Malapascua. And yes, I have already been there too. Hi! Hi! Furthermore, the beach that I visited was not comparable to others. Lovely! If you really want an escapade, it’s the right place. Settings are just astonishing. We have many beaches and resorts as well.  Drink, play, swim, dance on the white sand or in the crystal water. Breathe, smell and feel that authentic squall. Receive the call of nature and enjoy it! By the way, we found Nemo!

Video of diving made by my friend Capy

To conclude, Malapascua is one of the best destinations around Cebu City. That island is made for adventurers who want to experience new things. Wear your wet suit and jump in the water to discover wonders of depths. Words are useless when it comes to describe such things. I invite you to look at the marine videos of our captain Capy and enjoy! Stay tuned with your favorite uncle and see you next week, babe. Don’t forget to check out your new vocabulary below!!!     

Useful Vocabulary

squall: a sudden strong wind or short storm.

Out of this world: Extremely good.

Awe-inspiring: causing you to feel great respect or inspiration.

Impromptu: done or said without earlier planning or preparation.

Frenemy: a person who pretends to be your friend but is in fact an enemy.


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