July 24, 2017

3D Internship Program

Final Chapter 17: “Veni; Vidi; Amivi!” I came; I saw; I loved!

Waa! Waa! Waa! I’m not good at saying goodbye. Honestly, when it comes to leaving someone, I’m always stuttering because it’s too hard to find the right words. As you can imagine, I’m a bit nervous about this post because it is my last. Hence, I will try my best to summarize the seven months of my stay in Cebu and most importantly in 3D Academy. Waa! Waa! Waa! I can’t stop crying like a baby!!!! It’s so sad! 

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My name is Nathanael T. NIAMBI for those who forgot me or maybe got used to my nickname the incredible “Uncle Nathan.” I come from my mother who comes from the lovely Republic of Congo. Yup! Proud to be African forever, babe! However, I’m living and studying in the People’s Republic of China now. My story in the Philippines started when I fled the rough Chinese winter for studying English. That’s the story of my student’s life. I saved some money and I jumped on the first plane going to Cebu City. My second home now. I’ve been a foreign student for a long time. To be sincere, I liked the Philippines so much. Local people are friendly and the food is scrumptious. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Cebu is safe as long as you don’t do something wrong, of course.

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Veni, I came in 3D Academy to improve my English grammar. And talking about it, I can proudly say that my initial goal has been fulfilled so far. Yup, babe! It so dope to write without making a lot of mistakes! Furthermore, each month at 3D was a challenge for me after becoming an Intern Manager. We weekly received lots of students from all over the world. The school facilities, teaching quality, surroundings, meals, tuition fees of 3D Academy are the main reasons for my choice. Indeed, I won’t regret it because if I speak English more fluently today it’s owing to fabulous teachers who are working there.

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Vidi, I saw new things in Cebu, around Cebu and further. I enjoyed beautiful beaches, white sand, beautiful girls, good beers, new customs, local and international restaurants and so on. Cheerfully, from January to July I have been able to blossom out. I learned how to work in the office with my lovely co-workers. I did cope with daily problems of students. I saw these latter coming in and leaving out 3D. In the beginning, most of them could barely speak English such as me. One week, one month, three months, six months later, I saw beginners taming the language of Shakespeare. Not a joke! 

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Amivi, I loved what I did in Cebu City. I loved the touch of this freedom’s wind on my skin. I will miss this breathtaking scenery forever. Work hard and play hard!!! Every class with my man-to-man or group class teachers was bliss. They were kind, qualified and easy-going. I had fun studying with them. Furthermore, I hang out with friends and we shared more than drinks, dances, laughs, discussions and experiences together. Blessed memories that I will never forget. Oh yeah! I almost forgot that I became a French teacher from June to July. I loved teaching what I know about French culture and language. My class was always fun with my lovely students. Despite the fact that it is a difficult language, they learned how to greet and introduce themselves in French. It was simply awesome! I love you all.    

IMG_20170129_142327_HDRDSC02167 DSC02175

To sum up, I came, I saw and I loved 3D Academy in Cebu City. I’m very grateful for the chance that Mr. Yutaka Morita, the CEO of 3D gave me for becoming Intern Manager. I’d also like to thank Nikki and Catie, the two beautiful Marketing Managers who helped me as a student and later as an intern. In addition, I have so many names on my mind now. So, that is why I will just thank all the practical and welcoming staff of 3D Academy for taking care of me during my studies and my internship. I love you guys. My seven months in the Philippines made me stronger than before. I hope to come back one day because I believe that 3D Academy is a fucking good English school. I did it! I have written it.3D, I discovered I did and I developed. If you want having fun and enjoy learning English as a second language, you know the answer now. 3D, often imitated, never equaled. Finally, I would like to say that good friends never say goodbye, they simply say see you soon. Thank you for reading! Salamat pô! Arrigato! Xiexie! Gracias! Merci beaucoup!  It’s Uncle Nathan here, reporting to you live from Cebu for the last time!


That small corner of paradise…


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