July 13, 2017

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The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country located in the Western Pacific, comprising of more than 7,000 islands. This place is rich in natural resources and very beautiful tourist spots in different places. If you want to go to the Philippines, don’t make mistake to visit the capital Manila only. Come visit Cebu where you can enjoy and have a refreshing vacation with you family or the special someone. In the northern part of Cebu, you can discover a place where you would not believe existing in the world which is the FUNTASTIC ISLAND.



If you want to visit in this place it’s very easy. You just need to take a bus from north bus terminal heading to medellin and it will take only three hours for land trip and another 15 minutes of boat ride take a traveler from Cebu City to the Funtastic Island in the town of Medellin in northern Cebu. Funtastic Island is part of Gibitngil, an island-barangay gifted with sparkling waters, vast coral reefs, long stretch of sand beaches, a picturesque sand bar and rock formations reminiscent of those in Coron, Palawan.


Aside from the natural sceneries, Funtastic Island also boasts of several activities for the thrill-seekers such as a cliff-to-rock zipline, kayaking and snorkeling. But the most challenging part that the island offers is the 40-foot cliff diving platform, hailed Adventure of the Year for 2014 by ABS-CBN’s local magazine show MagTV.


The attraction, whose development is part of the town’s efforts to step up its tourism initiatives, has been attracting hundreds of local and foreign tourists, making Medellin one of the Department of Tourism’s top 10 most visited municipalities in Central Visayas for two years now. It is a great experience for those of you who want to face your fear of heights. Well, you can start with the lower height first if you prefer. The heights of the cliff available are: 10 ft, 20 ft, and 30+.
Surely, you will enjoy swimming with a snorkel gear on your mouth/face. Since the water is very clear and clean, you can watch various sorts of fishes and other creatures underwater and within the corals.


Medellin1 medellin funtastic island Capture
Gibitngil Island is a famous resort with colorful cottages on top of rocks, coral rocks and black rocks surrounded with pristine turquoise waters.
Some calls this place a ‘little’ Palawan due to its walls of rocks that look fantastic.
Gibitngil is located North of Cebu City, and it is the ninth municipality that comprises the 4th congressional district of Cebu Province. After Bogo Town, it is about a 3-hour drive from the City.
Gibitngil is being closely monitored as a protected marine sanctuary by the residents and the Sea Patrol established by the local government.
It is a very safe place for visitors, in addition to the sea patrol office nearby the resort.


The facilities of the island are basic and the management charges only a minimal entrance fee (10 pesos).
It is advisable to bring your own provisions, especially if you want to save. The facilities are not that expensive, though. As of this writing, the rates of the services and facilities are as follows…


  • Small Cottage A : 50 Pesos
  • Small Cottage B : 75 Pesos
  • Small Cottage C : 150 Pesos
  • Medium Kiosk with Diving Board : 200 Pesos
  • Medium Cottage with Grilling Area : 200 Pesos
  • Big Kiosk (top) : 250 Pesos

However, you can have a free cottage if you take the “Mayor Sea Patrol” boat.

We also have other fun activities like zipline, cable car, tarzan jump and skybike. if you want to try all of these activities, the prices is just very affordable. its only 100pesos each activity.





So what are you  waiting for, come and visit funtastic Medellin so that you will feel amaze its beauty and very kind people who lived there. and lets meet there with a big hug.

see you there.!!!!!


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