October 29, 2017

Night life in Cebu

OctoberFest 2017 Celebration Cebu,Philippines by Asti!

Hello to all who are now reading this blog!

Perhaps you may ask what’s interesting here in the Philippines at night? Do students in the Academy have night lives or fun on the weekends?

Night Out

The answer is a big YES! Despite being students, we, like all people, like to relax from school and unload our brains, have fun from the heart during the non-class time! Then, of course, I would have a lot of fun sharing all these with you as well!

Today I wanna share about how did we celebrate Oktoberfest here in Cebu, Philippines.
Since my last visit here I had had a lot of good friends working and studying in the Philippines (And yes you would make a lot of nice friend studying here I can guarantee you that) Due to my busy schedule though, I did not have time to have gathering with them yet. Some gave me an ultimatum – I MUST JOIN THEM for their Oktoberfest celebration!
And I DID.
Venue of Oktoberfest Celebration? — EGI in Mactan Island (An island next to Cebu Island, where the Cebu International Airport is). It’s a really remote place and there’s no direct jeepney going there. Taxi would be too expensive as well.
So how did I go to Mactan Island from Cebu my school 3D? I decided to take the most economical transport mode – the motor bike! It’s a breeze because there are many motorbikes drivers waiting around 3D Academy at all time! The school is located in an extreme central location, where it’s the main entry point up to the TOPS – Cebu mountain hill – A popular destination for all tourists and travellers. Hence, there’s always a pool of motorbike drivers waiting around the school asking if anyone wants to get up to the TOPS or other locations. Riding a motobike is not like taxi ride, and it could be scary and dangerous. However, it’s fun and life is about taking risk (Well not too much risk riding a motorbike after all :)).  Tips #1Before you ride on a motorbike in Cebu, always negotiate the price with them! After a lot of bargaining and jokes making with the drivers of bikes, I found someone who would take me to the place for 250 pesos (USD 5). Not too bad! After 40 minutes of rides with wind, I arrived at the destination.


First thing I saw was a fire show! Amazing! The performers on the street are playing and dancing with the real fire! Fire dancing is a popular street performance in the Philippines and you will always be amazed by how easily those performers control the fire and not afraid of the hot air that comes with it. It’s like the fire has been bewitched to not harm the dancers at all! Don’t believe it? Watch this amazing fire dance to see this Philippines girl on FIRE!


While I was enjoying the amazing fire street dance performance, my friend had gotten me a coupon to enter into the club. Entrance fee to the club? 250 pesos (USD 5). It comes with a free coupon for the drink inside the club. The guard will put a green bracelet on your hand as a receipt that you had paid for the entrance so you can go in and out of the club without being stopped again. When I first came in, I immediately realised I was too early for the party!! There were just very few people there! What a shame! Tip #2 –  Come late for a party (1-2 hours late is the best)! We call it the “Philippines Time”. Don’t rush for a party in the Philippines. It would get very boring because the crowd is not there yet. Most of the people come 1-2 hours late for the party. Because that’s when people started to get high up due to the alcohol influence and the crowd cheering. By that time, people would have finished tozens of beers and be super wild dancing and cheering. Forgetting about all the stress in lives! For the beer lovers, count it your luck to be in the Philippines. There are just too many types of cheap beers for you to choose from which costs very little – from USD 1 to 5. There were even some beer drinking contests going on, Wait! Did I see somebody bath in beer?  Having beer bathing down from head to toe? Crazy lives!


Even though I don’t take alcohol, it was just as fun drinking juices with nice music and nice party! My mood was influenced by the charged up crowds and music too. I sat at a table, ordered drinks, listened to the music, danced and got acquainted with new people! Later on the dance battles began, and you will again be amazed by how good Filipinos are in dancing. Almost everyone dance superb! While people were waiting for the results for the dance competition, me and my friends decided – we gotta go somewhere to have our own gathering and catch up! As fun as it is in the club, it’s just too noisy to have any meaningful discussion and girls chit chat.


So we found a tennis court a little bit further from the party and we played tennis while sharing with each others about what’s going on in our lives.
So what’s going on in my lives in the new academy working as an intern while studying as a student? I will tell you more about it in the next chapter. Stay tuned!
See you soon!


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