October 23, 2017

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The day of the Dead!

Good day to everyone!
In my previous blog, I introduced to you about All Saints Day on the first day of November. You might be wondering, what about the adults? Wait! Do not worry. We have, of course, a day to celebrate (hmm.. sounds wrong..) I mean, pay tribute to the adults who passed away as well. And it’s on the second day of November! The day of the death! Today, I want to show you how Filipinos celebrate this day!


In fact, the second day of November is called the second day of the soul, the day when Filipinos pay tribute to the dead adult relatives. They prayed for the salvation of their souls.

The roots of this holiday come from early Christianity. In 609, Pope Boniface IV officially ordered to honor all the unknown martyrs that day. And the next day after this holiday, believers began to remember the dead, whose souls had settled in purgatory. It is believed that prayers help to atone for minor sins, thanks to the fact that souls reach the Kingdom of Heaven faster.


Day of the dead is often portrayed in movies and art. For example, the film James Bond 007- Spectre in 2016 begins the scene with James Bond celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico, while he was trying to prevent an act of terrorism from the villain of the movie. (Insert the movie opening scene from youtube here:


While he tries to be hero, let us the common civilians observe this action from the outside.

This holiday combines the pagan traditional beliefs of the indigenous Mexicans and Catholic motives. It is celebrated on November 2 and has much in common with Halloween, gaining popularity with the traditional American memorial day. Some people dress and decorate themselves just like how they would do it in Halloween.

Despite the numerous costumes, carnivals and even torchlight processions, the Day of the Dead is primarily a family holiday. In order to honor the memory, people who have already lost relatives create real house altars, decorating their numerous candles, fresh flowers and special candies. And when people look at this spectacle from the many lights, it fascinates you and you want to meditate or run and carry fire like a prometheus did, touch all the candles and light the fire of life in their hearts


For some reason, most people who have heard of the Day of the Dead believe that this is exclusively a Mexican holiday. However, this festival also takes place in the Philippines. According to historians, it was brought to the islands in the 1500s. Philippines on this day are shorn to visit the graves of their ancestors, play in cemetery cards and drink wine. Is not this reason to love this holiday more strongly and participate in it


So how do the Filipinos celebrate the whole day of the shower.

  1. Cleaning of the graves at least a week before the Day of All Saints (and if not cleaned, then they can later utilize the crypt).
  2. Of course, people pray and prepare spiritually for the celebration
  3. The holiday is ready for the holiday. From Lumpia to fruit salad they cook and eat not at home
    but at the cemetery of the deceased relative. Of course, the favorite food of dead relatives moves
    as well as other delicious dishes of Filipino dishes.
  4. Relatives gather around the grave and enjoy the celebration, food, singing, jokes, playing cards and many others that you can think of.
    They spend the night at the grave of relatives.

If you try to avoid calling the word dead, you can safely call this the holiday of life. When children dance with deadly caricatures, when adults eat sugar skulls, when people are not afraid of masks and campaigns in the cemetery with pleasure, they learn to respect life, they learn that life is short, so do not be afraid of death and enjoys every moment.


If you did not know about this holiday, come to Cebu and you will have the opportunity to evaluate this show and repeat the holiday of Halloween.
Join 3D Academy together with us and the teachers who, of course, as true Catholics will pray for the souls of their ancestors. While you are planning to come here, I will give you a little advice, I will be here enjoying myself and feel the atmosphere of the holiday, the love of traditions and ancestors.

With respect to you and your culture ~ Asti


We will meet soon



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