November 17, 2017

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10 Fantastic Beaches in Philippine Cebu

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Top 10 Beaches in Cebu Philippines:

Be it whether you are a beach lover, or someone who likes to chill-out in the wonderful and quiet atmosphere, Cebu in the Philippines should be on your vacation or to-go list. Cebu is a city located in the central part of the Philippines. It’s a great place for the holiday. Although it does not receive the same attention as other parts of the Philippines such as Manila or Boracay. There are many beautiful beaches where you can do lots of activities from the jumping off the waterfalls to the ideal diving trips in the white sand beaches. In the next few paragraphs you will learn about the top 10 beaches in Cebu Philippines.

No 10 – Bounty Beach (Malapascua Island)

Bounty Beach is one of the most impressive beaches in Cebu or even the entire Philippines. It has a beautiful stretch of beautiful white sand on the island of Malapascua in the north of Cebu. The water here is so pure that it has become known among the diving lovers by imposing a spectacular dive among diverse marine life. The palm trees, turquoise tropical warm waters are the basic features of this destination and its ideal beaches.

Palm and sea view with sand

Palm and sea view with sand

If you plan to stay in Malapascua Island, Bounty Beach is the place for you as there are a number of spas and restaurants spread along the beautiful beach and ideal for relaxation especially at sunset.


No 9 – Paradise Beach (Bantayan Island)

This beach in Bantayan Island is a wonderful little spot that everyone should visit. It is located in a quiet and secluded area on the island, and you may be lucky to enjoy the beauty and serenity alone here without any other tourists because it’s relatively unknown yet. Shhh.. don’t tell anyone ^^


No 8 – Somelion Island

This is an amazing island in the south of Cebu, a great place to swim and enjoy the beaches and turquoise waters, and a popular destination for tourists for a day trip from Cebu City. But if you want to spend more time here, there is only 1 resort to choose from. Some rooms are beautiful. The other option is for you to camp here by the beach.


The island is also not far from Oslob, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cebu, where you can swim with whale sharks there.

No 7 – Santiago Bay (Camotes Islands)

This is one of the best beaches you can find on the island of Camotes, especially if you are staying at the Santiago Bay and Garden Resort. Along the beach, you will find a number of small resorts and some restaurants that offer affordable outdoor dining, you will be able to capture the most beautiful photos for Sunset. You will be able to swim in between the calm waters and the idyllic shallow.


No 6 – Bakhaw Beach (Camotes Islands)

The beautiful beach of bachaw gives you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere between palm trees and scenic scenery. While there are two small resorts on the beach, tourists usually come here on a day trip especially with the beach near the Bay of Santiago.


No 5 – Tinco Beach (Alcoi)

This s a very small beach in Alcoi in southern Cebu. It is a popular place for locals especially in the summer months, which makes it more crowded than other beaches. Here you will find a number of resorts in the area, but if you are looking for a resort with the best views of the landscape, the best place is the resort of Voda Krasna.


No 4 – Badian Island

This beautiful beach is part of the resort of the island of Badian in southern Cebu, a great place for seekers of tranquility and relaxation opportunities between nature, sunset and privacy. Some of the more expensive rooms have a private plunge, which is a great choice for the adventure lovers.


No 3 – White Beach (Moalboal)

Moalboal has two main beach areas: Panagasama Beach and White Beach. Banagasama is a rocky beach, while the White Beach is a beautiful sandy beach. You can find many coral reefs along Moalboal. The diverse marine lives are ideal for the beach lovers to discover. If you are lucky you may be able to see some turtles near you on the beach.

white sand

white sand

If you are planning to stay, there are cottages for rent for daily use and if you plan to stay longer there are a number of resorts along the beach.


No 2 – Santa Fe Beaches (Bantayan Island)

The best beaches are located on bantayan Island in Santa Fe, the island’s most popular island with a range of the best and most beautiful beaches in the summer months (March – April). If you want to stay in a nice resort on one of Santa Fe’s beaches, you can compare Kota Beach Resort, Anika Island Resort, Pudong and Santa Fe.



No 1 – Virgin Island (Bantayan Island)

My no. 1 in the list goes to.. Virgin Island in the Bantayan Islands. It is a beautiful tourist destination with just about a 30-minute boat ride from Bantayan. This place is suitable for a day trip. You can simply stay at the beach to enjoy the white sand, beautiful water and the perfect tranquility to relax. If you want to spend more time here, there are two simple cottages which you can rent.



Here are my top 10 beaches list in Cebu. Come check it out and tell me how do you find about them!

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