November 27, 2017

3D Students Review

“”3D academy is the best school for me””


Hi everyone, this is Ahmed the great Arabian reporting to you from Cebu, Philippines.

It’s time to talk about the academy I study at currently – 3D Academy. This is the best school to me. Why do I say that? Let’s see below my opinions.

Great Diversity of Students Backgrounds

All students come here to learn English from different countries. The reason why we flock here just to study English you may ask? It’s because over here we get to immerse ourselves in the pure English environment and hence you will find yourselves improving so fast because you are practicing the language all the time. In 3D Academy, there are students from many different countries, but majority of the students are Japanese and Taiwanese.

The phrase that it is never too late to learn is really true when you are studying in this school. In one class, for example, I am studying English together with a 15-year-old girl and a 57-year-old man. Why would we, being in such different age group, be assigned in the same class? Well it’s all because of the levels. The school does not care about your age, only your English level. And they assign you into the suitable classes for your English level

Systematic and Efficient Class Structure

Students begin their day with breakfast provided by the school at 7am. From 8am onwards they will go to their different classrooms. Most students will have a mix of 4 private 1:1 classes and 3 group classes slotted in different period during the 7 hours of lessons, and some free time, between 8am to 6pm. Lunch time at 12-1pm. All the classes will focus on different things such as oral, written speech, as well as grammar and reading. The best thing about 3D Academy is that you really can choose the classes depending on your preferences.


Highly Personalized Course- Easy to change teachers and Classes

The school employs more than 100 teachers, both Filipinos and native teachers from other English-speaking countries. Such a large troop of teachers provide a lot of options for students to choose their preferred teachers. Most students will choose and try different teachers every week. It’s very easy as you just need to fill in the new teachers request form and your preferred teacher in a slip and submit on Thursday. By the next week you will be studying with your new teachers. Of course, some students found their “true love”, I mean.. their favorite teacher of all time. In such case they would never change the teachers. Those popular teachers will always be the ones difficult for you to bid for their classes.

Good Location

3D Academy is situated in a very convenient location. It is located in the heart of Cebu – the JY Square. This greatly facilitates the life of students, because over here you can find everything you need: there is a grocery supermarket downstairs, ATMs, 24 hours 7-11 and many restaurants where you can spend your free time. Besides, there are also cosmetics store where you will see our female students hang out all the time.


Spacious Campus all around JY Square

3D Academy consists of three buildings. In the main building there are the main classrooms, a dormitories, as well as the main office where students can find out their schedule, print out the necessary documents, and ask any questions they are interested in to the friendly office staff. In addition, there is also a yoga center, where you can study completely free in your free time. And if you have long wanted to learn Latin dances and belly dancing – you will get to learn as well – FOR FREE. At the same time as the dance and yoga classes are conducted in English, you get to improve your English listening as well! One stone, two birds! :))


The second building is located directly across the road, opposite the main one. There are no classes here. Two floors of the building are occupied by the dormitory rooms where students live, the third floor is a student restaurant and student lounge. The restaurants serve buffet to only 3D students 3 times a day – Breakfast (7-8am), Lunch (12-1pm), and Dinner (6.30-8pm). The meals are great but it’s mostly Asian cuisine. A mix of Filipino, Japanese and Korean cuisine. You can enjoy as much food as you want as the friendly staff wouldn’t mind serving you extra if you are hungry. So, help yourselves!



Also, the restaurant is the best place to mingle around with other students in the school. You simply need to choose a table and sit down. Other students would just join you and that’s when a new friendship begins. Absolutely all students are benevolent and sincerely interested in acquaintance. Old students who have been studying here for several weeks are always ready to help the newcomers to settle into this new place. The study and social environment in this school is friendly beyond words.

By the way, there is a basketball court in this building on the rooftop. Have you ever played basketball on the roof? No? Do not be afraid, the ball will not fly down, the entire perimeter of the roof is fenced with a grid. Here, on the roof, you can relax by the tables and sunbathe as well, while watching other students sweating playing footballs.

There is the third building that 3D operates – The JY Square Mall. It is not entirely operated by 3D. There are several classrooms located directly in the second floor of the shopping center. I guess there are just too many students that they need extra classrooms and they simply rent more spaces from the shopping mall. From a student’s perspective, this is so great because after the lesson you can run and buy something necessary or window shopping in the mall. In the same building there is also a gym / fitness center, where all 3D students are FREE to access at anytime!


Gym inside Jy mall

As you can see, students who decided to learn English in 3D Academy in Cebu will never be bored. You have a full day of classes and a wide range of social activities and entertainment programs to join in the evening. Here you can learn English in the happiest ever way, while widening your social network!

Thank you for reading

see you in my next blog…


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