November 15, 2017

Cebu Lifestyle

An unexpected party day at the Salon in Cebu!

Hello to everyone who is looking for learning English in Cebu or just decided to read something about our life or thoughts.

Some people spend everyday in a routine. Well that’s not me. And not to any students studying at 3D Academy in Cebu, Philippines. This is because the life here is so interesting that you do not know what would happen next!


Well it just happened to me yesterday! It was an ordinary day when I went to do the hair treatment for my African braids in the African hairstyle salon. At first, it would seem to be a simple ordinary story. What could happen to you when you are going to a salon and just change the hairstyle? A lot!

When I reached my beloved Afrosalon, everything was quiet enough. With just a simple greeting they started doing my hair. Normal day in the salon it seems. But then here comes Magi the mistress of the salon, a very cheerful girl who began to look at us. She wanted us to expand our horizons and try new hairstyles in one side!

As I am a very creative people, I responded to her idea and decided to make an incomprehensible Byzantine zaghaghinas at one side of my hair. Magi then started the live broadcast on Facebook about this new hairstyle in action. Surprisingly the live video just went viral with a lot of comments. Many people are responding to the new hairstyle and curious about how the end results would look like, asking for the same hairstyles to be done on them etc.


Since the mood was fun and I wanted to joke a bit and have fun, we started calling people to come to the salon. You would be amazed at how quick they are responding to the party calls!

While I was still doing my hair, a lot of people have gathered in the salon. The most fun event always happened when you’re not getting ready! In general everything just turned into a party with a funny burning of my already cut hair. Some danced to the sound of the drum. Some chatted with the staff about everything under the sun. I was not able to join the fun of the dance as my hair was still being treated! But everyone tried to touch my new hairstyle! When the hair was done I was really satisfied. I even managed even to jump over a fire and dance with a local courtyard dog.

The whole unexpected party was just beyond my comprehension. People here are super ready for party all the time! Anytime with people, with food, there’s a party! I really wanted to stay with them till late while Magi was ordering food for everyone. But suddenly I recall that tomorrow is Monday and working day. I gotta work from the morning and hence was not possible to stay. Just when I was calling for Grab I heard they just decided to move to the club and continue the party. With a bit of sadness I went home. The surprises of this day did not end! On arrival the driver told me that this trip would be free since they have a promotion today! OMG! Do you believe it?

Unexpected party followed by the free ride home. I was certainly glad for such generosity. Well to contribute back a bit to the society of Cebu, I went to the store next to my house for coffee and chocolate to mark the end of my surprisingly wonderful day!

So you know now that the wonders of lives always surprised us at every step. Or maybe this is simply a magical country that brings mood and a desire to live to all of us.

Coming to work in the morning I saw in the hall of the condominium there is a decorated Christmas tree. I can already hear the rhythm of Christmas coming. As miracles in the Philippines continue, fly to us here to catch the fair wind like Mary Popins, and join us for something more fun soon!


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