November 2, 2017

Basic Information about studying in Cebu

How to post a parcel from Cebu, Philippines!

Hi all,

Today I will share with you about the postage system in Cebu, Philippines. It’s not as hard as you thought if you want to send documents or a parcel home.

Many foreign students, myself included, face issues of sending documents while studying abroad. We will always need to send all sorts of presents to friends and relatives back home. Just recently, I had to send my passport home for the visa application to India.All this can certainly be done without an issue if you know the way in the Philippines.

Near to the school 3D Academy, there is a company LBC which specialise in international postage service. You can send up to 500 g of parcels for 2480 pesos (~USD 50). It takes around 17-20 days for the arrival of the postage to the destination. Even though it’s long, it’s much cheaper than the rate quoted by expensive companies like DHL which can easily go double of the price above. However, I am not going to recommend them. Why?

Because sending documents through Fedex in Cebu is the best. It’s fast and the fee is reasonable. My family informed me that my passport reached the visa department in Moscow in just 4 days. The amount I paid was only 2800 pesos! I think that this is more than acceptable.

How to get from 3D Academy to Fedex mail Service?
Fedex mail service is located next to the Taoist temple. So yes, you can plan a trip to visit the Taoist temple while sending your document. Kill two birds with one stone! Don’t ask me to describe the Taoist temple tour here. All I have to say is it’s a spiritual journey. I probably will explain in another post in order not to divert the attention of the postage service introduction here.


You can use google Maps to find Taoist temple. It’s around 2km away from 3D Academy. Short enough.

Easiest way to go to the Fedex mail service: By Taxi. Just tell them Taoist temple at street Garcia 282 and you will be taken there! It will cost around 100 pesos (USD 2)

Or you can use motorbike to go there for 50 pesos.

No direct Jeepney route unfortunately.

Operating hours
Usually the post offices open from 9am. However, I would advise you to go a little later to not get in line of them starting up their computers or they may still be having their breakfast. Philippines time. Always be late haha. Different post offices have different closing time. However, do try to arrive before 4 pm to send your parcel or documents in case they close early.

time work

Please always write down the full address, name and surname of the person to whom you send the parcel to, the contact phone number, the postal code, the convenient time of receipt, and also in case the postal item returns the contact details in a piece of paper or smartphone. Because you need to fill in all these information in English when you are requesting for the postage service. Also, specify if you need to insure your parcel, then additional charge is required. Prepare all these information in advance so that you do not have any inconvenience looking for information when you fill out all information while sending the posts.

After all the information is filled, pay and get the receipt for payment. Inside the receipt you will find the code by which you can track the location of your parcel.
I hope this information is useful to you.
See you in my next post!



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