November 22, 2017


Life in a Dorm

Hello everyone, when I’m writing this post, it’s another beautiful morning and wonderful sunny day in Cebu, Philippines. I wish you are with us now to enjoy this beautiful weather. What a difference it makes when you are studying in a beautiful country, your mood just got enlightened in itself.

Today I will give you a glimpse of the life of a student living in the school dormitory, or we just called them “Dorm”.

I’ll start with the Pros:

· An independent life begins. You start to take care of yourself. You start to do your own time and finance management. You have to distribute your time between study and personal time wisely

· You have a new big and friendly family, where mutual support prevailed. So, in most cases, if you ask for help from others, you will get it.

· You suddenly have many friends. Suddenly, strangers disappear in your lives.

· You have new skills and abilities – Problem Solving!

· This Pro is on a case by case basis – You spend less travel time between school and your home. Since our hostel is located directly inside the school campus, we spend literally 3 minutes on a trip to study – by walk.

· You get to participate in many different social activities in between studies

Lives in the dorm is not always as good as it seems though. There are some cons:-

· There may be some disagreement with your roommates. For example, you guys could fight over the lights off time, or the use of electricity, such as when someone wants to turn on the aircon but not the others.

· You might simply meet the bad roommates who try everything to make your lives difficult. Such as making noise. Hence, some schools like ours have the quiet hour from 10pm.

· You will start missing your families since it can get very lonely sometimes being alone in a foreign country

· The eternal queues for the shower

Despite all the shortcomings, I really like living in the dorm. Where else could you come so close

with so many absolutely different people – from orthodox Muslims to hockey fans, black metalists and karate lovers? I like to share about different culture and lives with my roommates. We can discuss and do our homework, or just go to a nearby cafe to sit and chat for hours and hours.

Also, to overcome the cons, you can simply sit down and lay out the terms with your roommates. Set the rules about how you will live: Such as what time to go to bed, how many times a month to arrange for cleaning and so on. You will immediately understand how this world works away from parental care. You will learn to take responsibility of yourselves. For the noise, no one likes it. Just talk to your roommates if they are making too much noise at the undesired time, or get yourselves some earplugs. It really helps 😛

The food As a student living in dorm, you will be tempted to eat all sorts of rubbish as long as it stuffs your stomach full. Home delivery becomes your best friends. All the chips, noodles, and chocolates will start piling up in your dorm. Worry you will regret about your health later? Well you gotta be more disciplined of yourself then.

In General, I enjoy life in the Dorm. I hope you too.

See you in our dorm one day 🙂


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