November 10, 2017

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Philippine Cuisine in Cebu!

Philippine Cuisine in Cebu!

Today, I’ll share with you all the delicious dishes in Cebu. Their food is very different from traditional Russian or European food. Where do I even begin…


Since I love seafood, I will begin to introduce Seafood here. Calamari – the rings of fried squid does not surprise anyone. It’s delicious. There are more traditional dish of Filipinos. For example – Bangus. The name doesn’t sound really delicious, yet it’s definitely not the case. The fish is gutted, then baked with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots and decorated with raisins. Another delicatessen fish in the Philippines is the famous “Lapu-Lapu”. It’s very tasty and expensive fish. The dish comes from Lapu-lapu. It is cooked on the grill for a couple of hours. Then they would pull out the bones and serve the fish with rice.

Lapu Lapu

Lapu-paw is my favorite fish of the Philippine cuisine. This is seabass prepared with steaming. After the fish is cooked, they take out the bones and serve it with the rice. Lapu-Lapu is the name of the city next to Cebu, where Cebu Mactan Airport is located. The reason this dish is named after the town is because the fish is a delicacy of local cuisine. It’s very popular and pricier compared to others.


In general,Philipinos cuisine consists of many small fish, which tastes like canned food. It is somewhat like the Russian fish capelin, where local people eat it in their daily lives. Besides, there are all sorts of crabs and octopuses which can be selected from the storefront right by the restaurant. It would be either baked on a grill or cook, depending on your preferences.

As there are a lot of Japanese and Koreans living in the Philippines, there are also a lot of Korean and Japanese restaurants. Hence you can also find sushi, shrimp fried on skewers, minced squid balls, etc. There are just too many varieties you can choose from when you live in Cebu.

Sushi california roll

Among the general variety of food that appears daily in restaurants, there are several typical dishes that are characteristic of the whole country. Among which are:

– Sinigang: It is a broth with shellfish or shrimps, flavoured with sampalok fruit. The taste is not common for Europeans, especially because of the mix of spices and fruits.

pork sinigang na baboy

– Pinakbet: It is fresh fish kinilow marinated with vinegar and and coconut milk. There are some sharp fins remained in the fish and very special.


– Escabeche: It is fresh fish cooked on coals


– Bagoong : fermented salted shrimps

All these dishes are served with unripened papaya, Сalamansi and spicy sauces.

By the way, I always like to drink the Calamansi juice. It’s a local drink made of lime. Here you can buy an extract of Calamansi from the supermarket, and every morning you can simply dilute it with cold water and ice. The drink is very refreshing, definitely good in such a warm climate. I would strongly advise you to try it.


Next, I will introduce to you something pretty and I’m sure most of you would have not seen before – The Carambola. Carambola is a fruit tree originally from the Philippines. The fruit contains five “ridges”, which, if cut horizontally, it becomes like a star! It is juicy and crunchy. You can simply eat it without adding anything as they are so delicous.


Another fruit I want to introduce is Noni-It is good for health. However, the smell, for me is very unpleasant. I only eat it knowing that it is healthy 🙂 Another fruit I tried at the restaurant is called the breadfruit. Unfortuantely the experience did not go well. I had some stomachache after trying the fruit. Hence I decided to switch to something more traditional such as a yellow watermelon or mango with papaya. They are common but really fresh and good over here.


When we are in another country, it’s best to grab our chance and try everything new. So do not limit yourself only to my experience, come join me here and share with me your new expeience 🙂


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