November 6, 2017

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Renting an Apartment in Cebu, Philippines!


Hello everyone, with you again it’s Asti here, reporting to you LIVE in Cebu, Philippines!
Today I will share with you on how to rent an apartment in Cebu central area, nearby 3D Academy.


Why do I need to find an apartment since 3D offers dormitory to students?

At one point, I am really tired of staying in the school dormitory and I need my private apartment. I am sure everyone comes across this situation at some points in their lives. So I begin searching for the apartment nearby our school.

Apartment Searching in Cebu

My first searching sites are those popular sites such as Airbnb and Unfortunately I found only expensive options there and the location was not good for me. So I began to explore the local real estate site such as Lamudi. I found a real estate agent there who also began to look for my apartment.

No news for awhile. As I am desperately in the searching mode, I started asking around. My first angel? The guards of our school! Surprisingly, all the staff and especially the guards are very nice in the school. They will go beyond their jobscope to help you out in anyway they could. The guard name JAY-R helped me to make an appointment with an owner of the place. I love the staff of our academy! They are kind and nice souls. Despite their effort and the cheap price of about $120 for the house he recommended, I realised that the living standard of the house is not good enough for me. I am still thankful and in hope of finding my dream home soon.


Next person I am going to introduce is the intern Ahmed. He is extremely helpful as well, as much as all other staff and students in the school. It’s such a friendly environment and when they heard that I am looking for an apartment, everyone just help me to ask around and hope I could find my perfect house soon. Ahmed introduced a condominium near the school called Mivesa. This is a beautiful apartment with security where there are swimming pools, a gym, and Internet available at the lounge in the complex. There are also convenience store such as 7-11 and the laundry service provided for the residents. Such a good place to live!

The first unit I viewed is a beautiful unit for USD $550 per month. It comes with a balcony and great view. However,  I was looking for a more budget option. I viewed the second unit next door. There is no balcony and Internet. It costs USD $ 450. Although I could save $100, but the no internet service really hold me up. The third unit also do not have internet and the fees do not include electricity. To be honest at that point I was a bit frustrated and disappointed. With an exhausting mind, I went to look for the last unit viewing scheduled for the day.

A woman approached me in the lobby. She was very tactful and attentive. Then I realise she is a teacher. No wonder she has such a good poise when she is showing me around. She showed me the apartment, explained everything in detail and I was given the price, which was USD $ 320. I just need to pay extra for electricity and water depending on my usage.

Contract Signing Day
A day later we signed the tenancy contract. Tips: You must read the contract carefully! For instance, if my contract did not indicate that the owner will pay for the Internet, I have to pay the fee myself or it’s arguable. Also, you must check all the items in the list of the tenancy agreement to make sure nothing extra is added. Why is this important? Here you will need to leave a deposit of 7500 pesos and if something is lost, the owner has the right not to return the deposit to you. Also, you must carefully look through your duties and the owner’s duties in terms of fix and repairs as well. One important thing to note for leasing contract in the Philippines, you must carefully look at the leasing dates here! Basically you pay for your first month, deposit as the second month rental in the first cash transaction. If you do not want to renew the lease, you must report it to yourself to the owner within 10 days or else he has the right to forfeit your deposit for the second month of rental. Therefore, do not forget about this! Bear in mind.

That’s it, pack your things, come here and enjoy your studies in the Philippines.
See you soon



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