November 16, 2017

Basic information about the Philippines

Typical Filipinos and Filipinas in one glance

Hello to all readers on my interesting life journey in Cebu, Philippines! Today is again a sunny day in Cebu, and the mood is just as cheerful and positive. I wish for you having the same mood wherever you are! Before my arrival to the Philippines, my friends were very curious about what kind of people in the country I will meet. I mean.. people in a specific country normally carry the similar nature and characteristics (Well beside the anomalies which I will not talk about). Today, I will share with you on the typical Filipinos and Filipinas. Let’s take a look!

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Beware: I am generalizing the Filipinos for my friends here. You might or might not agree with me at some point and feel free to let us know on facebook here.

Typical Filipino Characteristics 1: “Pagkalalake” and “Pagkababae”

“Pagkalalake” stands for masculinity in Tagalog. More specifically in the Filipino context, it refers to the typical Filipino who likes to drink, smokes a lot and being surrounded by as many women as their energy allows them, be it before and after the marriage. His adventures “to the left” or to have a second family is considered normal.

Well, they could only survive when they married a Filipina who is undemanding, which is rare nowadays. “Pagkababae” stands for femininity in Tagalog. More specifically in the Filipina context, it refers to the typical Filipinas who are cheerful, beautiful, modest and not having their

Typical Filipino Characteristics 2: Body Language

The Filipinos prefer to use the body language and more gestures, then facial expressions, then words. In other words, they prefer to use their hands and face more than their mouth to make you understand something.

Typical Filipino Characteristics 3: Friendly

Filipinos do not like European’s direct and frankly approach to a conversation. They consider it blatantly rude and ignorant. They prefer informal and friendly conversation.

Friendship is expressed in the fact that you will definitely be given a nickname-teaser. A general rule of the nickname is to emphasise your physical feature.

Typical Filipino Characteristics 4: No Privacy

For a Filipino, the personal life of another person is in no way “private property”. It’s normal for people to ask you directly on the issues considered private in Westerners’ context. For instance, ” What is your salary? “Or “Why do not you have children?” etc. But you do not have to give an honest answer to the Filipinos when they ask you this. They are not really that curious or care about it. It’s just their normal pick up line like “How’s your day?” in our Westerners’ context.

Typical Filipino Characteristics 5: Self-Deprecating Jokes

Filipinos are a rare sort of people who laugh at themselves. Laughter to them is like a defensive reaction. They will make a lot of Self-deprecating jokes such as “Yeah I am small, just like my brain”. But jokes are jokes, you can laugh about it. Don’t take them seriously and cross the boundaries because in general Filipinos are very emotional, which brings me to my next point.


Typical Filipino Characteristics 6: Emotional

This is manifested in everything, in their bright and exaggerated reaction. For a normal Filipino, their reaction to events, turbulent joy, and resentment to certain things all seem very exaggerated, but this is simply their nature. Oh and also reflected in their excessive love of karaoke and celebrations.

Typical Filipino Characteristics 7: Religious

This is reflected from their religions of Catholic and they will often pray at the workplace, or when something happens. Well I really hope God bless them 🙂

Typical Filipino Characteristics 8: Hygiene yet not hygiene

It’s a very contracting statement I know. The Filipinos will clean their teeth after each meal. It seems very hygiene. But on the street, you can’t exactly say that it’s a clean place. Here’s my confusion. I can’t explain now but I will definitely share more if I live here longer and find out why.

In short, Filipinos are like children. They are incredibly vulnerable, quickly offended and very quick-tempered. Yet they are the nicest people in the world. Be nice to them and they will be even nicer to you!

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