December 8, 2017

3D School Activities

3D School trip to Oslob ,Sumalion Island and Tumalog falls

Hi everyone, this is Ahmad Al-Shahary, the Arabic intern manager of 3D Academy, reporting to you LIVE about our student lives in Cebu.

I’m sure for those of you following us on facebook or our blog, you would be so envy of our lives because you will frequently see the picturesque natural places that you thought only exist in your dreams or paradise. Yes, Philippines has some of the most beautiful beaches and tropical forests in the world. They frequently top the rankings of different travel blogs in terms of the most beautiful beaches and islands. Since we are here, how could we miss the chance to explore these natural wonders? Every weekend our school organizes school trips to different islands. Our school trip organizer – Namu would always do his best to organize trips for the students of 3D Academy so that they can enjoy their weekends here.


Last weekend I joined the school trip to Oslob, Sumalion Island and Tumalog Falls. Oslob is one of the most famous places for any travelers coming to Cebu because you get to swim with the whale sharks! Guess how much is the cost to participate in the trip? It’s only 2,300 pesos per person (~USD 50). There were 12 students joining us. The team leader this time is none other than myself and another intern student– Yuta!

Image_9f097f4 Image_14b3322

We gathered in front of the entrance to the academy early in the morning – 4.00 am. We have chartered for 2 buses arrived as the bus is more like a mini-van where it could only accommodate 6-7 people each. The bus will bring us straight to Oslob. It tooks us 3.5 hours from the school.

When we arrived in Oslo, the students went to change their clothes to start a new adventure with the whale shark. Swimming mask on. Safety jacket on. Then we rode over the boat and headed towards the habitat of the whale shark. I must say that it’s truly a jaw dropping experience swimming with the whale shark. Personally I had seen a lot of photos being taken and shared by other students with the whale shark. Experiencing it personally is still an unforgettable experience. Photos and lots of photos were taken before we had back to the beach for lunch.


Image_e4e4bf6 Image_5191266 Image_a080f05 Image_a60137f

Image_9dea175 Image_9e3c28c Image_062f3c9 Image_64f8aca Image_b87d24e Image_dbdfdac

Image_26fda40 Image_0994f83 Image_a4be737 Image_d6c52eb

After lunch, we went to a beach. We had only 15 minutes to relax before we got ready to ride for our next itinerary – the Sumalion Island. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes ride by boat from Oslob. The boat stopped by the beach of the Sumalion island, it’s a remote island and the sea view is amazing. We were enjoying the swimming pool and the beautiful view there for half an hour.  Due to our tight schedule, we have to finish our swim at Sumalion by 12 pm.

Image_5ec77f4 Image_b20f53c

Image_3b31f71 Image_3112aba Image_5810cce Image_eadccba Image_fa1a249Image_3ba9aac Image_04e0f93 Image_32da040 Image_640a147 Image_703a2d9 Image_865f1a1 Image_bed49c1 Image_ceb2e3a Image_d3aabd7 Image_0eec35f Image_5d628af Image_9a27948 Image_12b964b Image_49a9561 Image_7319f85 Image_7941691 Image_a9be043

Then we rode the boat back to oslob and from there we took the bus to go to the Tumalog Falls. It took about 30 minutes from Oslob to reach the waterfalls. It’s a bumpy road. In addition to the lack of sleep and the crazy morning schedule, we were already tire by the time we arrived to the Falls. But, the beauty of the scenery is the best cure for our exhaustion. Really! You would immediately forget about all your tiredness when you are standing in front of the huge and beautiful falls.

Image_2b332e3 Image_04b140f Image_4b4a29d Image_9f9c4ed Image_96dae56 Image_824cab5

I cannot describe how beautiful and wonderful the area is, but the pictures will speak for me.

We couldn’t wait to jump into this natural pool. It was cold but exciting! Imagine standing under the waterfall directly and let the water falls only you? Checked!

There’s a small pool (pond) where there are many tropical fish. Really all you need is to put your foot into the pool, the fish will come and massage your feet! Dr fish is the massage therapist! They will eat the dead skin in your foot away! That’s the cutest and most enjoyable natural massage you can enjoy! You may feel at first some tickling on your skin and tingling, but then you will enjoy it. Come and experience it on your own and you will know what I mean!!!





Time always fly when we are enjoying! It’s time to say goodbye. We were exhausted yet extremely satisfied with the trip. Recharged and let another superb week begin in 3D Academy!

Thank you for reading😊


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