December 4, 2017

3D Outreach Activities

Outreach Program in 3D Academy

Hi everyone

This is Ahmed Alshehary the Arabic intern manager in 3D academy

Every last Friday of the month, 3D organizes outreach program, or otherwise known as the volunteering program. Outreach programs are one of the most meaning program fulfilling the foreign students’ needs to get to learn English while mingling around with the locals, getting accustomed to the more unfortunate group of population in the local community. Through the collaboration between 3D Academy and the local organizations, we as foreigners get to contribute back to the society, while learning to appreciate our lives.

Foreign students like us are often belonging to the more privileged group of people in the society. Think about it, we have enough savings in our banks which enabled us to travel to other countries and learn English. Most of us appreciate our lives and know that we are luckier than most people in the world and we would like to help in anyway possible. Through the process of helping, we also find peace within us. Hence, a lot of us are more than willing to participate in the outreach programs, and who knows you might actually discover your new talent in the interaction process with the kids and other people outside your normal social circle. For me personally, I like to work with the team to organize the outreach program because helping people gives me a sense of happiness. The genuine smile of the happy-looking kids could melt our hearts.

Where are the locations 3D students go for the Outreach programs? Well it depends. Most of the time we would go to a local primary or kindergarten school. What do we do there? Sometimes we help them to paint a wall. Sometimes we organize some events together. It’s kinda like an enrichment program for them. After finishing the program, we would surely play the Santa Claus and give our gifts and prepared food to school children. I believe this is their favorite part, almost like a children’s day for them :))

Last Friday, it’s the last Friday of November and we had the outreach program as usual. We met with all the students who had signed up for the outreach program this round. (Side note: the teacher-in-charge of the outreach will post the information about the Outreach program on the notice board normally 1-2 weeks prior to actual day event. Students who are interested must sign up for participation in the front desk. There is normally a small fees involved – 300 to 500 pesos (~USD 6-10) which would be used to buy the food and gifts to the children) Once everyone gathers at the entrance, the teachers-in-charge would start to give instructions on the preparation. From there you could really see the efforts of the teachers. They bought many gifts that children like and pack them up nicely. We as students would help to carry the pre-packaged goods into the Jeepney, carrying with us our heart and best wishes.

24172404_1921260831235061_658097527_n 24205063_1921260844568393_1020077169_n

There were so many students who wanna join the outreach programs. So much so that we can’t all fit into the jeepney and the school bus. Being the gentleman I am, I gave up my seat to the female students and everyone. So how did I go? Well I squeezed into the jeepney, stand by the entrance with a hand hanging at the date of the jeepney. Yes I’m the Tarzan at Jeepney!

24172435_1921260767901734_1672614999_n 24172662_1921260747901736_501701052_n 24257348_1921317464562731_647924035_n

When we arrived at the place, I realized the school was located in the mountain area. The air is so fresh. It was wonderful place for me. We started “working”, by carrying all the goods in the Jeepney out, such as our gifts and food for the students.

24197458_1921260717901739_399990196_o 24204702_1921260687901742_921657739_n 24205062_1921260704568407_2101449038_n

24171656_1921260481235096_1878907461_n 24171959_1921260681235076_1055616485_n

When we arrived at the classroom, the students stand up to welcome us. To our surprise, they prepared some performances for us. They sang a song. Although I could not understand the song fully, I think it is a welcome song.24259352_1921260254568452_527317005_o 24271012_1921260224568455_334669078_o

Let the activities begin. For today, we are not simply the Santa Claus. We are also their teachers or “fun activity organizer”. Our first activity was “Color your love”. Firstly, we distributed drawing papers (cards with Christmas drawing themes) and color pencils etc to the children. Students have to color the drawings in the paper and write a letter to their parents to express their love for them. As they started coloring, 3D students would join some students and help. The room was filled with the happiness of the children. Both the children and us the foreign students.

24197311_1921259617901849_805417827_o 24197325_1921259851235159_120979062_o 24197328_1921259897901821_916479045_o 24197429_1921259341235210_815616076_o 24197449_1921259327901878_1830164943_o 24201003_1921247517903059_1361997173_o 24201005_1921259301235214_1739927377_o 24201225_1921259907901820_1629157030_o 24250958_1921259317901879_702702210_o 24250997_1921259781235166_1590332885_o 24251120_1921260037901807_712265279_o 24251413_1921259794568498_137495351_o 24251462_1921260014568476_1786187159_o 24251525_1921259597901851_38017134_o 24259655_1921259407901870_1560686651_o 24259784_1921259987901812_1784695315_o 24271062_1921259591235185_1249150312_o 24271505_1921259994568478_469761933_o

After the coloring and the letter writing, we collected the results from them. Then we called on the names of the students and displayed their work to the other students. Students called up would receive the gifts. Once again I was feeling at that moment very happy when you look at the face of the children. It was filled with happiness when they received our gifts 😊

24209602_1921259367901874_533060523_o 24250907_1921258777901933_935968353_o 24259783_1921259134568564_1858550863_o





After that? Show time! The Japanese students prepared some performance – singing in the Japanese dialect. Although I could not understand the meaning of the song, I am sure it’s a good song because I enjoyed a lot. Then? Food time. We distributed the food we brought with us, everyone just enjoyed the food while playing, chattering, and mingling with each others. Such a joyful moment.

24201456_1921258707901940_1164265417_o 24209621_1921258544568623_929286514_o 24281697_1921258534568624_1945025548_o

24197287_1921258397901971_419908941_o 24209804_1921258417901969_1543808240_o 24259640_1921258421235302_576538116_o

Final part of the program, certificate presentation! We were presented the students’ certificates from the local school as an appreciation for us to come and interacting with with local students. The certificates are to me a card filled with blessing. It’s the meaning that counts.

24197499_1921258391235305_1426959925_o 24197528_1921247727903038_1277872694_o  24201010_1921247614569716_614277506_o 24201263_1921247694569708_673773544_o   24250923_1921258494568628_604843154_o  24250992_1921247681236376_387091944_o 24251308_1921247751236369_1723155875_o 24251542_1921247594569718_855253242_o 24259326_1921247534569724_1569511828_o 24259657_1921247664569711_626571151_o 24259746_1921247561236388_21744670_o

Before we left, the students was waving goodbye. Understanding that it is unlikely for us to meet again, we couldn’t stop taking photos with the kids to keep the memories.






Honestly I thank the management of 3D Academy for these wonderful efforts to reach out to the local school students and organizing such meaningful activities for us. Throughout this outreach program, I realized that happiness is something simple. All it takes is when you draw a smile in the children’s faces, you would feel that happiness inside. I hope to be able to join more meaning activities like this.


Thank you for reading 😊


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