December 14, 2017

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Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu City

Hi everyone, this is Ahmad Al-Shehary, the Arabic intern manager of 3D Academy, reporting to you LIVE about our student lives in Cebu.

As I wrote in my previous articles about the places we visited, you would notice that Cebu is full of many natural wonders such as the islands, falls and white sand beaches. This time the situation is quite different as we are not going to explore the nature. We are going to the SKY!

This is one of the adventures that I will never forget because I really enjoyed it with my friends.

Have you ever imagined walking down a narrow corridor on the 38th floor with no edges / barricades? Have you ever felt like you are going to fall off from the edge?

I know that many people have written about this place but everyone is talking about their personal experience. So I want to share with you my experience.

What is this adventure about?! Last week, me and my friends went to the biggest building in Cebu to experience a new adventure. Who are my friends? We come from different nationalities including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Japan. That’s the best part about studying in a multi-national language academy. You get to enjoy experience in lives with people from all walks of lives. So here we went – the Crown Regency Hotel at 7 pm from the academy. There were 11 of us.


As a side note, 7pm is a very busy time in Cebu and you could hardly find an empty taxi. After a long time waiting, we all decided to take jeepney to go there. A jeepney costs definitely cheaper than the taxi, since it cost only 7 pesos per person.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went straight to the treasurer where you could experience a few different things – Skywalk, the Edge Coaster and Zipline. Each of them gives you totally different but equally adventurous experience for the thrill-seekers! You can choose to experience any single item or all 3 adventures at a discounted rates. It costs 500 pesos for one experience, 750 pesos for 2 and for all 3 it cost 1000 pesos.


For me I tried 2 adventures – skywalk and the edge coaster.

Skywalk is like a must! We all went together. As it’s better to walk without any valuable items with you, we have to put our valuables such as wrist watch and phones in the insurance box. Then, we are required to wear the safety clothes before allowing into the walkway. Our guide would make sure we have the safety ropes secured with us and then we would start to walk outside. The whole walkway is made of transparent glass where you can see the bottom of the street from the top floor! It was super scary as everything beneath us – the houses, the cars, the buildings all become tiny small. You felt like you could fall down anytime or the glass could just break. It’s definitely not for the someone who’s afraid of the height. When we were in the middle of the transparent glass, the staff would help us to take pictures as souvenirs.

IMG_7650 IMG_7651 IMG_7655 IMG_7663 IMG_7671

The second adventure is the edge coaster. It’s located upstairs of the Sky Walkway. You would be sitting at a coaster where you would have 45-degree angle looking straight down as you navigate around the building. You also get to control your own angle and gets really scary if you play around with it.

img_2307 img_2309 img_2288 img_2289 img_2297 img_2302

These two adventures I tried was amazing. Afterwards, some went to Zipline and I get to watch from the sideline. I think its exciting but it’s very scary for me. Forgive me for not trying and therefore I can’t explain to you the personal feeling.

IMG_2348 IMG_2352 IMG_2355 IMG_2359

After we finish we could take all the pictures taken by the staff for us saved in a USB memory drive at the cost of 1000 pesos.

I’m sure you will want to try it! What are you waiting for? Come here to Cebu City in 3D academy and we will enjoy these new adventures together 😊

Thank you for reading….


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