January 24, 2018

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Momo’s first week-end trip in Cebu “Moalboal”

Finally, the weekend has arrived! And that means one thing, it’s the best moment to do some sightseeing in the beautiful island of Cebu, or to hangout with friends you just met from all over the world!

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How many weekends can you remember in your life? For me, my first weekend in Cebu was definitely memorable. It was 13rd July 2017. 4 of my new friends (3 Taiwanese and 1 Japanese) would be joining me to go to Moalboal. Moalboal is a very popular beach for snorkeling and to watch sea turtle. As it is a village located 90km from Cebu (About 3 hours journey from Cebu by bus), we have to start our journey from early in the morning. Generally, you have to start your journey early if you plan to travel to some islands in the Philippines because it would quickly get warm from sunrise and the traffic would become crowded very soon.

We met at the principal entrance of 3D Academy at 4.00am in the morning. It gets easier to get taxi nowadays as Uber and Grab are legal here in Cebu. We booked an Uber to go to Cebu south bus terminal. The journey from JY Square to Cebu South Bus terminal took around 30mins. It was my first ride of Uber in Cebu. I was quite surprise by the service offered by the driver and his English level. He introduced some parts of the city along the way when he drove us there. We had some nice conversations and he spoke perfect English. It’s a great opportunity to explore the city. What else? Yes it’s cheap. For 5 of us in the early morning, 30 minutes ride cost us only around 400 Pesos (~8 USD), less than USD 2 per person.

Every 30 minutes, a bus leave Cebu south bus terminal to Moalboal. Unfortunately for us, there were already many people queueing for the bus when we arrived. The first bus was quickly full before we had the chance to step inside. Looking at the bright side, that means we had time to explore Cebu south bus terminal. We went around there to shop for our breakfast. There are many shops there with local food that offers a real bargain.


At around 8:00am, we finally boarded on the bus to Moalboal. After we settled down on our seats, a bus controller would come and give us a ticket. Wait?! That means we didn’t even know how much does it cost before we boarded on the bus. It was funny because we just kept guessing the price. It turns out super cheap as well. It’s only 130 Pesos (USD $2.60). During our bus journey we saw many vendors came up to the bus and asked us to buy some local foods such as dry banana and other snacks. Personally I found these snacks very original and I would recommend you to try all of them if you have chance. i tried the dry banana. The taste is really good.

To cross the island by bus is not really comfortable as the whole journey is shaky. The bus driver reminds me of the formula 1 retired driver a lot. Thank god we arrived safely in Moalboal after 3 hours of “Shake it off!”. To be honest, we left the bus feeling nauseated. But I could not resist when i saw the local bakery shop. I bought some local pastries such as the Coco pan, Spanish Ensanyamada and more. They taste pretty sweet. Super cheap. The price for each pastry costs only around 5 Pesos (USD $0.10) « Welcome to the Philippines »


A few minutes later, two school teachers joined us Basdaku’s white sand beach. They came by their own motorcycle to enjoy with us. To be student at 3D Academy is a really great opportunity to enjoy an amazing trip in the Philippines because most of the teachers are very friendly. They would often join us the students to explore different Cebu islands together. They offer us a lot of great local trips.


We took a local transport called Tricycle to go to the white sand beach from the port. There were 5 of us squeezed inside the small tricycle with our driver. It was really fun moment with my friends. After 20 minutes the driver stopped in front of a house. A person came and asked us to pay 10 Pesos (USD $0.20) as some sort of entrance fee or private road toll. We settled that to continue the road. Then, we kept going until the beach. Just before we arrived to the beach we met a second guard asking us for 5 pesos (USD $0.10USD). It was the entrance fees to enjoy the private beach.


We barely even left the tricycle before the rain started pouring down. Despite the rain, everyone was still hyped-up to make it here. Finally !! Basdaku white beach was in front of us.


The water at the beach was turquoise color in reflection. From time to time, the strong waves came because it was a bit windy. The beach was not very wide but pretty lengthy. We quickly found a place to put our stuff, while we went straight away into the sea. The temperature of the water was just perfect but the waves washed up lot stones on shore at the bottom of the water and it was very uncomfortable to stay on our feet. Even though all was not perfect, we still managed to have lots of fun together.


Many local people live by the seaside and therefore it’s really easy to joint one of the groups. We played Volley ball with some Filipinos. They were so friendly and hence it was really fun and relaxing to spend our time with them. Also, it was a good opportunity for everyone to speak english.


At the end of the day, we came back to Moalboal mainland with our tricycle.


Even if it was raining like cat and dog that time, our driver seemed to be not affected at all. Must have gotten used to this weather haven’t they! We paid another 100 pesos (USD $2) on our way back for the road charge or beach usage whatever the fees are for. Meanwhile before we took our bus back to Cebu city, we ate something in a small local restaurant. In my case, i ordered a steak with rice. (Filipinos seem to like rice a lot. I want pizza and noodle but just simply couldn’t find them). The time to get our dishes was pretty long (around 30min) but the taste was yummy. My meal and one bottle of Coca-cola costs me only 90 Pesos (USD $1.80).

We boarded the bus back to Cebu City directly from the roadside after we got our dinner at around 7:00pm. The bus was not air-conditioned and hence it’s cheaper than the bus we took to come here. It costs merely 110 Pesos (USD $ 2.20), 20 pesos cheaper than our first bus. Fortunately, we could open the windows and let the natural breeze cooled us down. The return journey was pretty long because there were some roadworks going on in some part of the road. Fortunately, the bus controller was very kind and we spent some really good moments together chatting with each others. That’s the Philippines style – Rain or drain, smile is the way!

We arrived at Cebu south bus terminal at around 11:30pm. What a 4.30 hours journey it was! Again, we took a taxi home at 3D Academy for 100 pesos (USD $2) per person.

So how much did this exhausting but fun day cost me? You wouldn’t believe it. My entire day of journey costed only 600 Pesos (USD $ 12). For this small amount, I got a lot of great moments with my friends and the local people. Unfortunately for us, the weather was not really good. Some locals advised us to come back and have a sleep on a beach and watch the stars when the sky is not cloudy. I will definitely do so in the future! Are you thinking about the same? Let’s come and join me in Cebu and we will go watch the star all night long together!

My first adventure in Moalboal was concluded with a satisfactory mark. Follow us here while I continue sharing my next adventures in Cebu with you! Stay tuned!

See you soon,



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