January 15, 2018

3D Students Review

Self presentation from Momo

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amaury Demaretz. I’m 26 years old and I come from France. I was born in Angers and I grew up in Metz. The city is located in the North-East of France, close to Luxembourg and Germany.


During my time in Metz, I was a proud member of the rowing club for nine years : Les Régates Messines. Even though that sport took most of my time, I am also passionate about photography, aeronautics and travel of course.


After obtaining a maintenance technician engineering degree through a cooperative education program with the company DS AUTOMOTION, I decided to fulfill one of my dreams « Travel the world ».

Why do I choose the Philippines as my starting point for my travel? Thanks to a friend!

One of my friends was on working holiday in Australia during my graduation year. After he finished with his first year of working holiday experience in an Australian’s farm, he went to the Philippines for studying with his Japanese friends he met in Australia. After his language course he advised me to start my world trip from Cebu as well. He mentioned the fact that the quality of the courses are good, and there are many students from all over the world who are studying English right now at 3D Academy.


On the 4th of November 2016 I left France to travel to Cebu. I studied at 3D Academy for three weeks. It was an amazing experience. I found out that learning English could be so fun and lively. We never spent a single day being bored out of classrooms. We had one-on-one lessons where we could clear any doubt with the teachers and plenty of time for interactive English communication. Most importantly, I met many people from all over the world who eventually became my friends here in Cebu. I truly enjoyed my time here traveling on the school trips with them

After my first experience at 3D academy, I also started my working holiday experience in Australia. Even though it was difficult at first for me to find a job and understand the local culture, I nevertheless enjoyed my time there. I travelled around Australia to experience living and working in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Most of the time, I worked on construction jobs because I am fit and the money was pretty good. As a result, i was able to spend the last year traveling around Asia. My incredible experience in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong kong, Taiwan, China and Japan changed my mind about the world.


Last month, my Australian working holiday visa expired and I asked one of the school managers if I could come back to 3D Academy as an intern student to gain experience in the marketing works. Thankfully I was given this incredible opportunity.
During the next 2 months I will be here sharing my new adventure in Cebu! Stay tuned! I hope you will also come to join us, for a chance to improve your English skill and to enjoy your life at 3D Academy.



Mabuhay !!


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