March 30, 2018

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Sharing of my classes and experience in 3D Academy: My Lessons Plan

No matter how tempting are our articles about the paradise beaches and the convenient city infrastructure, English classes remains the main reason why many foreigners come here to the Philippines. To give you an idea of how this process goes, I will share about my lessons here in 3D Academy.

** Being an intern in 3D Academy, I spent half day (4 hours) working for the school. Hence my lesson program includes only 4 classes (2 group and 2 one-on-one) everyday. The normal students in 3D Academy enjoy at least 7 lessons per day.

Here’s my lessons plan in 3D Academy:

Lesson 1: Native communication (Advanced business English)

This is an English course conducted by the native American speaker – Issac. In his class, we discuss various investments and business processes, such as activities on the Stock Exchange market. Honestly, I have not noticed any big difference between the class conducted by the native speakers and the classes conducted by the Filipino teachers. The only subtle difference I noticed is that Issac uses more idiomatic expressions and less formal vocabulary. In addition, he teaches me how to understand the news. I was kinda fortunate that this week I happened to be the only one student in his group lessons at that hour, I can choose the topic myself. I have never been particularly interested in investing. Yet I strongly believe that business course is necessary for anyone who plans to work abroad and it will be interesting for people with an investment mindset. Not me.


Lesson 2: English Demo

In this group class, we discuss interesting and controversial topics all the time. For instance, this week we had some heated debates on the following topics:-

– “Is education necessary for a successful career?”

– “Can one allows relatives to influence their choice”

In the debates, the teacher acts as a moderator of the conversation. She will ask suggestive questions and explains unfamiliar words if any. During the lesson, students exchange their opinions. Sometimes it is not easy to understand the accents of students from other nationality. However, I find this class very interesting because during the discussions, I get to have a glimpse of how people from different nationalities speak. Not everyone in the world has clear English pronunciation. Even though this hinders my understanding of the opinions they try to convey sometimes, it is a necessary skill especially for travelers who plan to travel around the world.

Копия дизайна Копия дизайна обложка вк, копия (2)

Lesson 3: One-on-One (1:1 Lesson)

The main advantage of the one-on-one classes is the individual approach. You get the full attention of the teachers. At the first lesson, my teacher asked what skill I would like to work on. I chose to improve on my speaking and to widen the vocabularies.

The lesson begins with a small talk in order to make sure that I was ready to practice and that the lessons are going in the right direction. Then we proceed to work with the textbooks. Reading aloud usually does not met with enthusiasm. Yet in my opinion it is the best way to correct my pronunciation. After my teacher clarifies all the unfamiliar words from the article, she trained me to pronounce them correctly and to use those words in the sentences correctly.


Lesson 4: one-on-one (1:1 Lesson)

This is the last lesson in my daily program. Honestly the 4 hours lessons plan for me is just nice as I find that the learning load is manageable. Since this is my last class of the day, I was thinking that if I am tired

after working and studying, we can just chat during the lesson. However, unlike ordinary conversation, teacher Cathy corrects all my mistakes patiently during the lesson. I asked her to teach me state expressions and phraseology. In response she inserts them into the conversation: “We call it this way. By the way, do you know, where did this phrase come from? ”

For me, teacher Cathy is a very interesting person to talk with. She is not a normal ESL tutor. She has big dreams. She has decided to continue her studies and now she is getting master’s degree in literature after graduating from college and gaining teaching experience. It was a big surprise that a teacher from the Philippines could make a conversation about Dostoevsky (Russian classic writer). My hat’s off for her!

Копия дизайна Копия дизайна обложка вк, копия (3)


Many students might ask, “How can I improve my English skills in six months?”, or “Is it possible to see the results after studying for one month?”. It is difficult to answer these questions because study is an individual process and it depends mostly on you. Even though we can’t guarantee the results, what we can guarantee is that you will get a lot of conversational English practice here. You can ask the teachers to give you some homework or to combine study with rest and have fun in your spare time.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and make mistakes, and then your skill will definitely grow.

Thank you for reading. See you in 3D next time!


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