May 2, 2018

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Why are there so many students from all over the world coming to English classes in the Philippines, especially Cebu?


Do you have any idea how many international students are studying in the Philippines today?  No one has a clear figure. But it’s definitely in the numbers of 10-20 thousands. You probably are not aware that every year, more than 100,000 foreign students fly to the Philippines to learn English, especially Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Russians. Now adding to the list are students from European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, etc; from Middle East such as UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia; and from South America such as Brazil, Argentine etc.

In the past few years, “the Philippines” has become a destination for further study abroad. Cebu is especially popular.

What are the advantages of studying English in Cebu?

1) Beautiful natural attractions that you can not find in your own country.


Cebu is a huge island with numerous small islands with unique natural wonders surrounding it. Many of them are popular tourist destinations of the Philippines. On top of that, marine sports are considered one of the cheapest in the world here. For foreigners, where else can you find a country where you can swim with whale sharks, have numerous snorkeling and scuba diving trips over the weekends without breaking your wallet? All while studying English with the super friendly and helpful teachers, all 1:1! That’s right! Oslob is located conveniently south of Cebu. In 3 hours drive, you can swim with Whale sharks. And you get to enjoy the waterfalls and snorkeling spots along the way in Moalboal, which are also located along the Southern Sidewalks.

What else? In the northern part of Cebu lies Malapascua island, where the divers get to see the Thresher shark. Besides, there is a Bohol Island, located right beside from Cebu. In 1.5 hours boat ride, you will find the Philippines Tarsier or the miniature coconut and chocolate hill that will be the chocoholic mountains in the summer. The famous Boracay Island and Palawan Island who enjoy international fame are all just 1-hour flight away from Cebu. Count yourself lucky when you are reading this post! You are about to enter into a world of wonder while searching how to improve your English!

2) Local friendly people can communicate in English.


Yes don’t be surprised when you meet a Taxi driver who can speak English! In the Philippines, almost everyone can communicate in English. No matter where you go. You will see public signs written in English. Road signs and street vendors are all communicated in English. You will not have any language barrier at all. This is because of their American colonial history. Where else can you look for English environment cheaply? Look no further.

3) Delicious Local Delicacy


Cheap Filipino food are super delicious! The taste is not spicy, very suitable for the international audience. There are some foods that are similar to Thai food. The most delicious Filipino food is “Lechon” (Fried pork) in the picture above! If you come to Cebu, it is a must-try! In addition, the Philippines cuisine has also influenced by Japanese and Chinese food. So you will see a menu of noodle, called “Pancit Canton”. The famous dessert is “Halo Halo”. It is one of our favorite desserts where there are many types of fruits and jelly mixed in a cup and then topped with ice cream,  which is often the ubi flavor, which also gives the nice purple color! Drooling now? Just come here and join us.

4) Experience Living Culture with the local friendly Filipino People


The Philippines is a developing country. There is a large proportion of population living under the poverty line. You will see some children on the street. This is a reflection on the other side of development. Why is this an advantage? Well don’t you feel excited being part of the development of the country? In our school, we get to participate in the volunteering activities monthly and get directly involved in the development of social education. This is a special unique experience you might not get everywhere.

Unique Features of English Classes in Cebu, Philippines

1) One-on-one lessons (1: 1)

One-on-one lessons is the most unique features of English classes here! Most schools you enroll with offer 3-4 1:1 classes everyday, which makes it easy for students at the beginner level to command the full attention from the teachers. They get to talk to their teachers in English all the time. You are not sharing your precious class time listening to other students talking. In the one hour, you can learn and practice English as much as possible. In addition, you can adjust the teaching method and style by discussing with your teachers or even change your teachers anytime. In short, you get to improve your English proficiency in the fastest possible pace.

2) The course fee is lower in comparison to many other countries.


Practical ESL Fees  (4 classes of 1:1 + 3 Group Classes + up to 2 Optional classes per day). Unit Price: Dollar (3D Academy)

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This price includes tuition fee, accommodation, meals 3 meals per day, laundry, cleaning service, bed linen, free gym pass and wifi! Where else can you learn English with such low cost while having so many private lessons?!

3) Traveling from Thailand


There are many direct flights from Bangkok to Cebu. It takes just 3 hours and 15 minutes for the Philippine airline, which is a full-fledged airline. It is good to not have to fly to Manila. And the timezone of the Philippines is only 1 hour faster than Thailand. Students do not feel any time-lagged and there’s no need for time adjustment.

4) Suitable for students who want to cover basic English.


There are many foreign students studying in the Philippines, from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and Spain. They want to prepare themselves for the English communication because they need to study or work and travel in Australia and Canada later on. You get to meet a lot of friends from different countries in such international environment!


What are you waiting for? Come join us in 3D Academy!


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