June 13, 2018

3D academy

【30th English activity in 3D Academy】 Fun arguments

Hi everyone,

This is Ahmed Alshehary, the Arabic intern manager in 3D ACADEMY of Cebu, Philippines.

Today I will share with you about our Weekly English activity. Every Thursday from 19 o’clock, yes!!!

Are you ready to hear about this fun activity? Let’s start!!!


This time, teacher Ryan led the main building teachers for the game! We were divided into players and viewers ♪

Game No.1: Finding voice

The first game is about searching for your partner by the vowel voice of the names!!!

First up, all the players would be blind-folded.


Blindfold …


Then the organizers would scatter the players around in different places..


Then they have to search for their partners based on the vowel sound of the names.

It’s so funny that some fairs who have found partners tried to mislead others who had not found their pairs yet! Lol


In this game, the Taiwanese pair were the winners! They got some packers of sweets! Congratulations ♪


Game No.2: Serious topics

All the players are divided into three teams consisted of three people each. The organizers would throw in some serious questions with no definite answers. Each group has to come out with answers and explain the reasons for such answers in front of the viewers. Viewers would then vote for those answers and the team who got the most vote win!

Let’s start!!

The first question … What is the most important consideration in any relationship?


a: Honesty b: Believing c: Faithfulness

Which do you think which is ~ ~?

The correct answer here is to believe(b)!! It is difficult to guess what viewers would vote for.



Everyone seems to be having difficulties because they have to explain the answers in English …


Game No.3: Ball relay

This is the continuation of the game No. 2. However, this time we were divided into men’s team and girl’s team!!


We have to pass the ball to the person behind by passing it from the bottom of the foot and bring the paper up to the table so that the first person would not get caught between the feet and drop it down. This is difficult!!!


The game went on to the girls’ team.


Well the games by players resume! The second half of the game was also incredible!!


In particular I think that the discussion by these two people was amazing! Lol


We have to select carefully the person to go to discuss which is advantageous.


The discussion in the role playing by the teachers was truly heated!


The subject of the final question is – Which is the most important thing? family? Or friends?


The winner is Taiwanese Dana!! She said that the prize was a massage coupon!! It is fantastic!! congratulations!!


This team won. They were thankful for each others!! Since the prize was a lot of sweets, they shared it with everyone. What a generous gesture!! ♪



The students were very nervous because the English activity was in front of viewers!! However, everyone feels the same intensity and as the game went on, the atmosphere would start heating up and everyone becomes so daring to speak English in front of the audience.


So, even for those who are not confident about speaking English can feel free to join! We are doing this activity every week! For those who want to make friends and want to have a break from independent learning, please feel free to join us!!

Thank you for reading and let’s join English activity together next week 😊

See you soon….


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