June 13, 2018

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Learn English with 6 simple methods


You need to speak Good English for both academic and business purposes. Whether it is the opportunity to further study abroad or for job promotion, you will find yourself in a better position if you speak good English. But sometimes it’s hard because English is not our mother tongue. The pronunciation is so different for us. But fret not, you can learn English with 6 simple methods by integrating them in your daily lives. You will find yourself beginning to speak English sooner or later.

  1. Read English books or articles.

Let’s start by reading a short article in our favorite magazine or cartoon. The terms used in these places are normally not difficult. And it comes with pictures which makes it easier for you to understand. Sometimes a word can have many different meanings in English. You will be able to grasp the new meaning easily with the pictures etc.

  1. Take note of new vocabularies learnt everyday

Do you know that we will remember things better when we write it down. So please keep a note with you and always write down the new vocabularies when you find it. If you want to make it more fun, write them down in a card. Once you accumulate enough cards, you can play the guessing game with your friends or simply by yourself.


  1. Make your ears familiarize with English

Let’s watch some English talk shows, or listen to the English news, or movie soundtrack or anything we like in English everyday. It is important to make sure you are familiar to the language and tones that you want to learn.

  1. Use online channels to find anything useful

We are living in the best period to pick up a new language. There are abundant sources of information and resources online. You can easily find English channels or apps. Be sure to subscribe to those Channels and you can easily get the newsfeed in English via those channels. You can then read them and practice your English at your convenient time.

  1. Practice English every time when give the opportunity

I want to say that, please don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you are practicing a new language. And if you want to develop your new language skill faster, try finding new friends or finding a group that is learning the language so you have plenty of chances to have English conversation.

  1. Do not be afraid to try it

Whether it is a party or a travel seminar, let’s socialize using the language you are learning. The more we talk to people the more we would be made aware of our shortcomings. It is part of the development.

Extra +1 tips: If you are looking for the new environment to practice English, try coming to Cebu and join our classes. You get to learn English with 200 over equally motivated students from all over the world. You get your private and group lessons for up to 7 hours every day, with both Filipino and native speakers. There are more than 200 topics for you to choose from in our group classes. You get to focus on your own interest while picking up English. I will wait for you here :))



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