June 7, 2018

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Unknown Cebu: your personal beach for the day

It is difficult to find two things In the Philippines : Russian food and privacy. Probably, both of them you can find only in your house. All the tourist sights are usually full of people. That is why my friends and I keep traveling around Cebu looking for non-tourist places. This time, we discovered a cool place where you can have the entire beach just for yourself. Ready for the treat? It’s at the Tan-awan Cangcua-ay Beach in the south of Cebu.


How to get there?

1. First you should go to the South Bus Terminal. You can get there by taxi or motorbike.

2. Then take a bus that goes to Oslob (to find it just ask anyone who works at the station) . You have two options here: bus with air-conditioner or without.

3. Tell conductor that you are going to the Tang-avant Kankuaia Beach (If you find it difficult reading it, just show the name in this post). If he does not know the place, tell him that it is beside the Seafari Beach Resort.

If you want to swim with whale sharks first, it will not be difficult to get to the beach after that either. You can go to Oslob by walking or taking a bike (20 pesos). It is about 500 meters up the main road.


How much does it cost?

* Ticket for the bus – around 180 pesos (3,5 USD) price depends from the type of bus

* Entrance fee – 100 pesos (2 USD)

* Overnight stay (with your tent) – 150 pesos (3 USD)

* Rent a tent: for 4 people – 1200 pesos (24 USD), for 6 people – 1800 pesos (36 USD)

* Overnight in the room -4500 pesos (90 USD)

* Boat on the island of Sumilon (max 16 people) – 3500 pesos (70 USD)

* Tents include blankets and pillows

* Check in for camping 17:00

All visitors can use tables and cottages (without extra fee). You can take any food and drinks with you and enjoy “no corkage” fee policy. If you do not have any supplies, you can buy water and snacks at the place. It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance. “First come, first served” rule applies for cottage, tent and table use.



How does the beach look like?

The resort is located on a cliff. Therefore, you need to walk down the stairs (around 200 steps) to get there. Don’t worry about the staircase as it offers a magnificent view of the coast. So take your time to make a good photos during the walk.

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At the left side of the booth where you need to pay for the entrance fee, there are shower rooms where you can wash and change after swimming. When you go further downstairs, you can choose any available cottage or table.



Surprisingly, when we arrived, all of them were available because (BINGO!) we were alone at the beach. Another surprise – there is electricity in almost every cottage, so you can recharge your phone, which is really helpful after a long journey.


The beach is not sandy at all. The sand looks more like a small pebble. When you get into the sea, there might be some stones on your way, so be careful and watch your steps.


We spent almost the whole day on the beach and there were no other visitors except for us. In addition to swimming and photography, there is nothing special to do there. Although this depends on who you came with.


In my opinion, the place is perfect for a party or a romantic day with your special someone. So the next time you want to spend time in private beach, remember Cangcua-ay is waiting for you there.


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