September 21, 2018

3D academy

3D Teacher’s Introduction Series –Rox Roxanne Mae Pilar Respecia


>Your name

Rox Roxanne Mae Pilar Respecia

>How long have you been working here?

I’ve been working here for about 1 year and 3 months

>Your hobby

Singing, dancing, writing poems

>You career & history

Customer service representative: 1 year 8 months, subsequently ESL teacher

>What is the best way to study English?

It actually depends on the students. Most of the students will be able to speak English if they constantly use or apply the new vocabularies in their daily conversation.

>Why did you become an English teacher?

I became an English teacher because I like the English language and I graduated with an English major. I’m also interested in teaching so being an English teacher is fit for me.

>What part of 3D do you like?

I like that we teacher can teach in our own style without following a specific teaching style or technique.

>What do you think about 3D students?

3D students are mostly fun and enthusiastic. They enjoy classes that are interactive and enjoyable.

>What do you care about when teaching?

I care about the students learning at the same time their enjoyment during the discussion

>Please give an advice to the prospective 3D students.

To future 3D students, if you want to experience a fun and happy environment while learning English, don’t hesitate to enroll into 3D Academy.

>What is your good memory with 3D students?

I will never forget the times when I played English related board games with students. Everyone was so competitive and enthusiastic to win the game.




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