September 27, 2018

3D General English Courses

Introducing English Courses  –  1 : ESL

Hello everyone, this is Korean intern ‘Cho’

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‘Why do you study English?’

This is one of the most common questions you will have when you start studying English. I think answering this question is the first step to approach learning English.


There will be many reasons that make you to decide to study English. Some of you may want to learn the specific vocabulary and communication skills necessary for doing business in English. Or some of you need to meet required test score to go to the university overseas.


In my case, since I started traveling, I met many people from many countries. And I found that English is the easiest way to communicate with foreigners in other countries. That is the reason I started studying English –  to understand them better.


Attention, for those who have the same reason as me which is to simply improve your English speaking for travel or social purposes, ESL course is the course you should enroll yourself into.


This time, I am going to introduce to you about the ESL course that I chose.


What is an ESL Program?

English as a Second Language (ESL) is an English language study program for the anyone who doesn’t speak English as their native language. Students study English and at the same time participate in the cultural activities.


The goal of an ESL program is to improve the students’ level of English in general, including mainly speaking and listening skills. ESL teachers teach different language skills, depending on students’ English level which is decided by the level test on your first day of arrival in 3D. In this course, you will learn all aspects of English study, including the speaking, listening, reading and  writing. Simply inform your teachers about what you want to learn and they will adjust the syllabus to suit your needs.


How do I get assigned to the classes?

You will be given a level test on your first day of school to identify your  individual English level. The test includes a speaking and writing test, as well as reading and listening test. For the Examophobic, don’t be afraid as result is not for public. The test is only an indication of your current English level so that you will know exactly at which level your English is at. And so that the school will have a clear indicator to work with to improve your English skills. Only you can check the result and therefore there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Additionally, once you know which level you are in, it will motivate you.


What is the curriculum in 3D Academy?

The classes run from Monday to Friday, except public holiday. There are 7 – 8 classes each day. Each class is between 50 minutes long with 10 minute breaks in between the classes.



Practical ESL is the most popular curriculum of 3D academy. It includes 4 one-on-one classes, 3 group classes and 1 optional class. The classes are arranged as you requested. For example, if 4 classes of 1:1 are not enough for you, you can apply for additional class up to a total of 7 individual classes per a day. If you are not ready for group classes, you can change your group classes to one to one class as well.


However, there will be an extra fee for changing classes as followed:

For the additional classes,

Additional 1:1 classes are charged P2, 250 (~USD 45)/class/for a week.

Additional group classes are charged P1, 250 (~USD 25)/class/for a week.


For the changing classes;

3group classes to 1 one to one class : No additional charge

2group classes to 1 one to one class : P750 (~USD 15)/for week

1group classes to 1 one to one class : P1500 (~USD 30)//for week



As you can check on our website, we provide various courses for the students who want to study English on each purpose from ESL to Test course such as TOEIC, ILETS etc.


Next time, I will tell you more about the exam preparation courses.


Thank you.


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