October 11, 2018

3D academy

【41st English Activity in 3D Academy】 Snake Ladders


Every Thursday from 19 o’clock there is the regular English Activity in 3D Academy!!! Different teachers will be tasked to organize a few small games for 3D students to improve their interaction and team bonding while building up their English vocabulary and speaking abilities. Last week, the teachers of New Building organized the activities ♪

This game is called Snake Ladder!


What is Snake Ladder?


Snake Ladder is a very famous game in my country as well as in the Philippines.

When I was young I always play the snake ladder game because it’s easy and funny…

You can advance by rolling the dice. If you stop at the square of the staircase (ladder), you can move all the way to the square at the end of the staircase. But if you stop at the mass of the snake, game is over as you hit the snake’s tail and it’s time to start over.


But this time it is in the English activity! There is no real snake! So they modified the game such that you have to answer some English questions rather than turning the dice to advance. The steps that you can advance through the mass is according to your answers.


There are some questions and words written on the white board.

You get 1 point if you apply part of the questions in your speech; 2 points if you make a sentence; 3 points if you apply the meaning of the word; 4 points if you use synonyms of words; 5 points if you say words with opposite meaning of the word; another 5 points for grammar and words. If you can make sentences without mistakes in usage, you will get 6 points!

You can advance in the mass based on the points you have got. If you manage to stop at the masses without hitting the mass of the snake, you can continue in the game! Once you hit the mass of the snake, game over!

As the rules are explained, the game started…


Participants were puzzled at the beginning when they were told that they had to pair up with 2 other students to form a team of 3 and there must be men and women in one group …


After 5 minutes we were fully informed! Lol


It is one of the charms of ENGLISH ACTIVITY. The teachers encourage us to get along with other students without gender barriers!

The team which last the longest in the mass without hitting the snake wins the game…


Three people who didn’t know each others at the beginning of the game suddenly became good friends as they advanced through the masses.


At the end of the activity, every team was able to finish some great games and receive prizes of  sweets! At the end we took a memorial photo with everyone!



English Activity is an activity in 3D for every student looking for some exciting team bonding games. It is the perfect place to make friends!


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