October 26, 2018

Travel Tips

6 Tips to enjoy your Transoceanic Flights

Transoceanic flights are those flights that cross an ocean and thus, they are long flights. Many had given up on traveling to incredible places simply because of the fear of spending long hours on the plane. We understand it perfectly but we know first hand some tips that will help you a lot during your flight. Here are the top 6 tips!

gary-lopater-183558-unsplashTip 1 – Dress with your most comfortable clothes

Since you will be spending many hours sitting without moving too much, you should make yourself super comfortable. Choose loose clothing instead of the fine clothes you wear for shopping. If it’s a midnight flight, you can even don your Pyjamas in during the flight.

photo-1522199873717-bc67b1a5e32bTip 2 – Choose your food in advance

You can check about the food they serve while you are buying the tickets and you can even request for special meals. Need some gluten free meals? Or vegetarian? All you need to do is to make the request in advance. The diversity of the types of cuisine offered will depend on the airline, but they usually offer a lot of variety. They adapt to almost any allergy or intolerance.

photo-1487119998088-a65531a3ae5cTip 3 – Get yourself moving on the plane!

It is advisable not only to get up, but to do it every hour or every 1.5 hour. Be it to walk 5 minutes down the hallway, or to perform small stretches of the back, neck, and legs. It will seem silly or embarrassing to you, but the benefits of those stretches will be appreciated when you get off the plane.

toa-heftiba-786413-unsplashTip 4: Drink a lot of water

On long-haul flights the humidity is lower and hence we tend to dehydrate. It is recommended to drink lots of fruit juices and water to stay hydrated. That is why alcoholic or stimulating drinks such as coffee are discouraged as they might further dehydrating your body. If you do miss those drinks, always order a glass of water to water it down.

jeshoots-com-227882-unsplashTip 5 – Take the opportunity to disconnect

Learning to do nothing is important. The situation of long-haul flights provide an opportunity for you to rest and disconnect from the world. Many people are used to being continuously doing something. Take this opportunity to close your eyes and “do not think about anything”! You will realize that this is an extraordinary experience.

photo-1522199710521-72d69614c702Tip 6 – Read or catch up with series and movies that you have not seen yet

Always bring your favourite books or download your favourite movies into your ebook for reading and watching on the plane in advance. If reading is not your favourite activity you can browse through the magazines on the plane and read the guide aout the country you are going to visit or any interesting magazine of your hobbies. If you forget to pack that in your bag, fret not as it is very common to find all kinds of products, magazines and books in the Duty Free shops. If you do not have your own device, do not worry as there are always the multimedia systems full of series and movies on long-haul flights.

I hope these small but important tips will be useful for you. If you follow these small guidelines and tricks in your long and transoceanic flights, you will see how much time elapses in much more enjoyable ways.

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