October 19, 2018

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How to use Philippines English Course to migrate to Canada?- 3D academy

Have you been trying to learn English for many years? Have you ever attended any academy with boring English courses that do not contribute to anything? Not getting the results you want? Enough of all!! Time for a change. Time to change to something more exciting and effective. If you are thinking of studying English abroad, read on, you have hit the right place. In 3D Academy, we help you and advise you completely free of charge, from the first steps to your graduation in an international environment. Also, we provide you with a bridge to migrate to another country. If you are thinking about your second adventure to live a long time in another country such as Canada, we also have a plan for you.


English course:

Do you want to improve your English skills or get a certification in IELTS or TOEFL? Thinking about improving English for your business overseas? What are your goals of learning English? In 3D Academy, we advise you to find the perfect course to reach your goals. No matter what your current level of English is, no matter your nationality or age, the idea is always to help you to make progression through our English courses. We provide students with different hours of courses per week depending on what you need. There are new courses starting every Monday of the year. Certificates in IELTS and TOEFL  are official and international. You can check our website or ask us by

franc@3d-universal.com .  Anytime If you intend to migrate to Canada, we have the program that helps you. You will first need to be certified in IELTS  and we will advise you on life and small tips that will help you in your new life in Canada.

people-2562010_1920The visa:

It will depend on the time you want to be in the Philippines. But do not worry as we have specialists who will be responsible and advise free of charge for the visa to apply in the Philippines. The visa team will also help you to handle for all the paperwork and you need to pay only for the expenses generated by the government.


You do not have to put the entire closet in your suitcase. In the Philippines, there are only two seasons which is the wet and the dry season. But no matter wet or dry, there is a lot of heat. Hence, you should definitely bring lots of thin shirts like T-shirts etc. Or you can buy here. It’s cheap.

office-1209640_960_720Learn English:

The next few months in the Philippines everything will be in English. Take a coffee, go out with new friends. Do not worry because it is not as difficult as it may seem. You can start watching movies first with subtitles and then you can watch it without subtitles. Not just movies. Any videos, series or news in English will be good to make yourself familiarize with this new language and also to increase your vocabulary.

photo-1523240795612-9a054b0db644I want to emigrate to Canada:

If you are looking to emigrate to Canada, we have a program that will help you completely. It prepares you in an indispensable requirement. The IELTS certificate is a must. We help you to improve the scores. Besides that, we also advise you on the best way to live a long season in Canada. Do not worry when you have no time to find what you are looking for. We are here to help you find the perfect course to achieve your goal.

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