October 11, 2018

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In 3D Academy, you can study English Exams preparation courses. The school prepares you to do well in exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. One of the main values that this type of certificates contributes is a substantial improvement in your work possibilities. Behind that simple paper hides effort and perseverance that sometimes others value.bruce-mars-763659-unsplashAnother important point to consider about language certificates would be to pose them as a goal. Presenting ourselves to an exam and passing it is a challenge will help motivating us to continue learning. These English certificates will help you in case you want to continue studying. You will have more options opened for you with good English skills for some professional degree and university studies. You must also be very clear about what kind of certification is going to open the doors to that second adventure.


The IELTS certification is fully accepted by many institutions and universities. It serves as the main access point to the universities of the United Kingdom and Australia, and also for immigrants who want to emigrate to English speaking countries. There are 2 different kinds of IELTS exam: General IELTS and Academic IELTS. The first one serves as a personal English certificate to determine your General English skills. It’s required if you are looking to immigrate to another country such as Canada., but it is not recommended if you want to enter into university. If you are looking to enrol for further studies overseas, you should study for the Academic IELTS. This is something more complex. How is the exam? It consists of 4 parts. There is a written part in which two texts are written. One auditory, one reading and oral comprehension. The most difficult part for most foreigners like us will be the auditory part. In the auditory test, you will receive a paper with a few sentences and the blank space. You can hear the sentence being pronounced out loud from the audio (normally with heavy Cambridge accent). And you can only hear it once.  Most teachers will prepare you well on that part with a lot of listening exercises. Take note that the validity of this exam is 2 years, after which the institutions will not evaluate the certificate.eric-ward-267021-unsplashTOEFL:

TOEFL  will be your exam if you want to travel to the US or Canada, or if you are already there and want to prove your level of English to prove yourself. It is an online test consisting of 4 sections (the same as the IELTS) that will take approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete. In the auditory and oral part, the accents you hear will not only be the typical American accent, but you will also be able to listen to English Breton, Irish, Australian accent. Once the exam is approved, the certificate obtained is valid for 2 years like the IELTS.

mesut-kaya-724174-unsplashNow getting which certificate depends on yourself. You should evaluate the pros and cons of each exam and take it according to your objective. There are other courses and certificate of English, such as the TOEIC, which we will speak in another blog.

kevin-curtis-3308-unsplashObtain an English certificate abroad

As you already know, in 3D Academy we help you throughout the process so that the experience is unforgettable: we take care of visas and paperwork. We welcome you at the airport, we help with your accommodation sourcing in the country, and we do weekly events for you to know people and just have fun. And best of all: It does not have any additional cost for you, our services are free for all the students.

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